Glance Guided CX and Intuit Make Tax Season Less Taxing

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According to the US government, the 2021 tax filing season officially kicked off on February 12th, the first day the IRS began accepting tax returns. But for me, the unofficial beginning of the tax season each year occurs the moment the first Intuit TurboTax advertisement airs during the Super Bowl. It is always rewarding for me and other Glance employees to see Intuit’s commercials in which Glance Guided CX functionality takes center stage!

Tax season is a stressful time for many, but Intuit does its best to take away the anxiety, minimizing the pain and uncertainty of filing, and maximizing the customer’s chance of a refund. Glance provides the technology that powers Intuit’s acclaimed SmartLook™ in-app support functionality and TurboTax® Live in-app tax consulting service. Glance enables Intuit tax experts to join customers in the TurboTax app to give them guidance and help them complete their tax return.

Those cutting edge CX features have driven massive business value for Intuit:

  • Customer satisfaction: 18% boost in Transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS).
  • Support case efficiency and revenue: 10% higher support case resolution — support case resolution has a direct impact on revenue because in many cases Intuit monetizes the relationship with the customer only when completed tax returns are filed, and that would likely be blocked by an unresolved support case.
  • Competitive leadership: The exceptional TurboTax Live customer experience was credited as a reason why TurboTax won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award in January of 2020. (Spoiler alert: TurboTax won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award again in January 2021.)
  • Recognition from the CEO and investors: On a recent earnings call, Intuit’s CEO, Sasan Goodarzi, noted, “We are focused on increasing customer confidence through access to experts with TurboTax Live, and we’re seeing a positive impact on both conversion and retention when these customers interact with an expert.”
To learn more about Intuit’s experiences with Glance, read the full case study , or request a demo .
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