Making Online Personal: Cobrowsing, Screen Sharing, Video

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While some processes lend themselves to self-service online, others require a more personal touch. Visual engagement – the use of cobrowsing, screen sharing and agent video solutions – is a key part of the humanization of online customer service.

Cobrowsing, screen sharing, video: use cases

Amazon was one of the first companies to acknowledged the power of visual engagement with the introduction of its Mayday customer service offering. Mayday is a single-click support solution that lets Kindle customers work with a remote customer support representative to resolve issues via a combination of cobrowsing and agent video. Customers feel empowered as they quickly understand processes and instructions provided by a real agent, working with them face-to-face.

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Always on the cutting edge, Apple has recently come to the forefront by integrating visual engagement into its Apple Watch “Personal Setup” program. The program includes a video session with an Apple customer service employee. During the session, Apple uses a combination of agent video and cobrowsing to visually guide customers through the features of the watch and answer questions. The result is a personalized experience that feels as though the agent is sitting in the same room as the customer.

Read: Customer Experience: Show Customers Love at Every Stage Sales and Service clouds offer a similar service, providing visual engagement services powered Glance Networks. Organizations can seamlessly incorporate integrated cobrowsing, screen sharing, agent video and more into their chat and call processes. The result is a “super chat” that transforms customer service, support and sales processes into powerful collaboration sessions.

Glance for Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Regulations, standards, even option overload – all can result in confusion and added stress for the parties involved. Glance for Salesforce Sales and Service cloud provides an easy means to quickly show and explain what options are available, as well as guide customers through complex processes. Moreover, agents can help customers understand what additional services they may want to add in order to enhance their solutions.

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Glance for Salesforce Sales and Service cloud also enables companies to leverage customer experience as a point of differentiation. Imagine offering your customers the equivalent of an outstanding in-person experience – online. Humanization and personalization are a standout combination that ensures your customers return for more.

Glance for Salesforce - Cobrowse, Screen Share, Agent Video

AppExchange rave reviews

Of course we at Glance think our solutions are great, but we prefer to let our customers provide the proof. For instance, check out Glance on the AppExchange. The AppExchange has been an excellent venue for getting the word out about Glance solutions. At the same time, it has provided us with a wonderful platform for getting feedback from our customers.

While 124 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 are fantastic, the real power is in what our customers have to say about Glance solutions:

“How did the world run without you? If Glance were a person I would marry you! Glance may be the most important tool that I use on a day-to-day basis. It is super fast and easy to use. Thanks, Glance!”

“I love Glance. Super simple and a great tool for training customers, and diagnosing any issues they might be experiencing.”

“Glance is a great tool to communicate with customers. It allows all parties to be on the same page and take out the guessing game. Its integration to is fantastic as well.”

“Could it get any easier to use? I think not! Excellent tool used daily.”


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