Maximizing the potential of AI with a customer-first CX approach

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The CX industry is buzzing about artificial intelligence (AI). ChatGPT brought AI to the forefront of people’s minds overnight, and the technology went from experimentation to providing real business value in a flash. AI-powered technologies are poised to disrupt industries — profoundly and quickly — but many are proceeding with caution amidst security and ethical concerns.

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How does AI fit into a human-focused CX strategy? It’s a delicate balance. AI is becoming more advanced every minute. We’re no longer limited (much) by technology, and it’s up to us mortals to determine where we set our limits. 

The importance of prioritizing the customer in AI-driven CX

We’ve entered the age of AI, and perhaps even more than ever, customer centricity is paramount. Customer experience and customer data should influence everything from product development to customer service, including when and how AI technologies are leveraged.

Putting shiny new AI technology in your CX tech stack is only great if it’s great for your customers. AI, as with any technology, must provide a frictionless experience. Organizations must consider when AI is best for their customer, be open and transparent with customers about when and how it’s being used, and ensure that transitions between AI and human touch are seamless.

Consumers are getting used to AI. Sometimes they love it. Sometimes it frustrates them. Nearly 8 in 10 consumers believe customer experiences still need an element of human touch, and 76% say they are less likely to trust and engage with a brand if they sense disjointed communication with AI across channels.

As AI is used more, human interactions will become even more important. Elements that are uniquely valuable as humans — empathy, compassion, connection — will need to shine during key moments in the customer journey when AI may not be the best solution.

Your customers are not artificial. And even if it includes AI, their experiences are very real and should be the center of your business strategies.

Where will AI have the greatest impact on human-centered CX?

It depends. On a lot of factors.

What are your goals? Who is your customer? Where are they in their journey?

If your goal is to improve first call resolution (FCR), over-using AI in a chatbot can just create the same frustrating and prolonged experience as getting lost in an automated call system. But if you use AI to predict your customer’s issue and equip the customer service representative with time-saving information to resolve their problem quickly, that’s a win.

AI has so many applications related to the customer experience, and we’re just scratching the surface — it’s gone far beyond chatbots and has the potential to completely transform the customer experience. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, but when determining how to best leverage AI in CX, take it back to the fundamentals. As tempting as it is to quickly jump on the AI bandwagon, doing so without clear strategy can lead to poor outcomes.

Remember that AI is a tool in your customer-first approach

And like all tools, you need to have the right one for the task or goal at hand. You wouldn’t use a wrench to hammer a nail into a wall. You might be able to get it to work, kind of, but not without putting several dents in the wall and hurting your hand from all your ineffective swings.

Centering strategies on the customer experience is still where it’s at. AI is the shiny object — and it’s really sparkly, isn’t it? But don’t let the technology outshine your business purpose and goals — use it to take your business to the next level and crush your goals.


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