Mind-blowing ROI Statistics to Make Your Business Case for Cobrowse, Screen Share and Agent Video

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Cobrowse, screen share and agent video are central to streamlining customer interaction. Personalization in online interactions causes customer satisfaction to skyrocket. At the same time, it significantly cuts company costs.

Yet organizations may still have difficulty clearly articulating to decision makers why it should be a no-brainer to move visual engagement out of the “nice to have” column and into the “need to have” list.

Real-life ROI statistics are powerful, making it easy to develop a solid business case for investing in an integrated co-browse, screen share, and agent video solution. Take a look at the ROI statistics below and figure out the returns your organization could be achieving if you were in these companies’ shoes.

ROI: Online Sales

One organization with 300 agent positions used the Glance Salesforce.com Integration to merge Salesforce.com’s sales cloud and Glance’s visual engagement services.

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The company produced the following returns:

  • 60% reduction in time to convert new customers to new products
  • 66% increase in volume of “product reviews” to customers
  • Increased CRM (Salesforce.com) use with integrated visual engagement
  • Reduced sales-cost-per-conversion
  • Reduced marketing-cost-per-conversion
  • Reduced associated operational cost

ROI: Online Customer Service

The following customer data points were provided by a company seeking to educate new customers as part of its onboarding process. The organization’s goal was to shorten handle times and reduce overall inbound volume.

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Glance’s visual engagement solution produced the following results:

  • 14% reduction in handling times
  • 18% increased first call resolution
  • 10% reduction in future support calls

Other soft value included:

  • Agents learned to refine product searches in real time
  • Visual engagement significantly increased uplift for “add on” sales
  • Outstanding support experience

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