Online insurance assistance: 3 critical moments requiring human guidance

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The days of manual paperwork and face-to-face interactions are fading into the background as everything migrates to the virtual realm of browsers and apps. But with these digital avenues comes a whole new set of challenges for your customers. And even as more of our world shifts online, customers still need human connection. By weaving authentic human connections into the very fabric of your digital space, you have the power to guide your customers through complex processes.

Here are three critical moments giving human guidance to insurance customers online can be a key differentiator.

1. Online claims

The insurance claims process, by its very nature, is intricate. From gathering documentation to accurately filling out forms and submitting evidence, there are numerous steps that require careful attention. Also, insurance policies often involve complex legal and technical terminology, leaving customers perplexed and anxious about making errors that could affect their claims. While digital platforms and self-service options offer convenience, they cannot replace the empathetic understanding and nuanced insights that human experts bring to the table.

2. Online policy management

Managing insurance policies online is a complex endeavor due to the intricate interplay of policy details, legal nuances, and technological interfaces. Policyholders grapple with multifaceted documentation, varying coverage options, and often perplexing terminology. Add in the technology factor, as some may struggle with an unfamiliar interface, and customers could find themselves confused in no time. This is when human guidance is irreplaceable — having an expert walking customers through policy management can be a real game changer for the customer experience.

3. Advisory selling

Advisory selling requires a thorough understanding of the customer’s unique needs and circumstances. Providing personalized recommendations and solutions should be a personal, consultative experience. Advisory selling has the potential to build trust and enhance customer satisfaction when done right, and the one-on-one relationship shouldn’t have to be sacrificed during a digital meeting.

Ultimately, human engagement during moments of stress or confusion sets brands apart and exerts a direct influence on customer loyalty. Whether they’re making a claim, managing their policy online, or receiving a consultative service, insurance customers need one-on-one human support. Insurance companies that step up to the challenge will offer exceptional customer experiences that lead to stronger and longer-lasting relationships.

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