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When companies want to improve all around customer satisfaction and maintain business in the long run, there are several things they can do. Check out these five top blog posts of 2015 to learn more about increasing customer satisfaction in a business.

1. All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Customer Service

This article highlights several ways for a business to retain customers and keep them loyal to the company in the long run. Even as technology’s capabilities expands, surprisingly, people still appreciate human-to-human interaction when doing business with a company. Several of the tips stated in the article for improving customer satisfaction are listen to the customer, show empathy, be authentic, get personal, follow up, and go beyond the call of duty.

These tips can go a long way to help improve the customer experience, reduce stress, and solve problems or provide service quickly and efficiently. This human factor is key to creating that necessary trust that a business needs to retain customers and have them return again and again in the future.

Read the full post to learn more: All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Customer Service.

2. Customer Service: 4 Ways to Reduce Effort

As your business moves further into the online world, it can be difficult to differentiate your company from others. One way to accomplish this goal is to increase customer satisfaction through better customer service. 58% of online customers will spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service. The four tips that this article gives to maintain excellent service with their customers are: offer comprehensive self-service options, offer the phone, offer chat, and offer cobrowsing.

All of the tips mentioned above provide great opportunities for solving customer issues and earning customer trust as well. When customers feel happy and satisfied, they’re more likely to remain loyal, as well as save their public comments for positive feedback and reviews.

Read the full post to learn more: Customer Service: 4 Ways to Reduce Effort.

3. 3 Reasons to Lengthen Your Customer Service Calls

When it comes to resolving customer service questions and problems, most people prefer to get help through a phone call or via chat. Yet many companies wonder if shortening customer service calls is an effective way to save money. The short answer is “no”, not if you are looking at the bigger picture. It’s much better to lengthen your calls and here are a few reasons why: to create an atmosphere of respect, add teaching moments, and transferring those customer service calls into sales.

Getting the customers off the phone quickly can provide some short-term savings. However, if your customers spend a little bit extra time on the phone with an agent, the longer term benefits include improved customer satisfaction, stronger customer loyalty, positive feedback on reviews, fewer call backs, and more opportunities to improve the bottom line.

Read the full post to learn more: 3 Reasons to Lengthen Your Customer Service Calls.

4. 4 Easy Ways to Visually Improve Customer Communication

Walking a customer through a complex process or issue can be extremely difficult, especially if the agent is trying to do it over the phone instead of visually or in person. This article highlights effective ways to communicate with customers and get rid of that communication barrier by showing your product in action; showing drawings, charts, and more; helping customers find the right product quickly; and offering a demo or presentation. These things can be achieved through visual engagement software like screen sharing and cobrowsing.

When agents and customers see eye-to-eye, it reduces frustration on both ends. This, in turn, can create a first call resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.

Read the full post to learn more: 4 Easy Ways to Visually Improve Customer Communication.

5. The Shocking ROI of Improving Customer Service

This article explains the high cost of making it difficult to resolve customers’ issues or reduce their frustration around a problem they can’t solve themselves. Glance’s visual engagement solution lowers that frustration and creates a higher satisfaction rate among customers. In this case study, the goal was to enable clients and agents to start a cobrowsing and screen sharing session from within the company’s online application to solve anything between simple questions to complex processes. The company involved achieved:

  • 14% reduction in handling times
  • 18% increased first call resolution
  • 10% reduction in future support calls

When companies can take advantage of visual engagement solutions such as cobrowsing and screen sharing, it creates happier and enabled customers that feel comfortable coming back to do business with the company more than just once.

Read the full post to learn more: The Shocking ROI of Improving Customer Service.

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