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Beyond words: elevating live chat with Guided CX

Live chat and Guided CX are a dynamic duo that's transforming customer interactions across various industries. Live chat serves as the frontline of communication, offering customers instant access to assistance. It's fast, convenient, and favored by consumers. However, sometimes words alone aren't enough. That's where Guided CX steps in, enriching live chat with visual and interactive elements. In this post, we’ll explore how this synergy is reshaping how companies connect with their customers and enhancing the overall customer journey.

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Creating authentic human connections in a digital world

Glance CEO Tom Martin recently had a conversation with Yanique Grant on episode 201 of the podcast “Navigating the Customer Experience.” Tom and Yanique dove deep into the world of technology, customer experience, and empathy and shared valuable insights on how technology can help foster empathy, enhance customer experiences, and streamline business processes. Listen to the episode below, or keep reading for highlights from the discussion. Creating Authentic Customer Connections in a Digital World: The Power of Integrating Empathy and Technology with Tom Martin

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8 key drivers of customer loyalty at banks

In an increasingly competitive financial landscape, building customer loyalty has become a top priority. Customer loyalty goes beyond mere satisfaction; it's the glue that binds customers to a particular bank, fostering long-term relationships and sustained profitability. But what exactly drives customer loyalty at financial institutions? Let's delve into key factors that make a difference.

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Hey Sales – Your Constituents Would Like to See You Now!

Hey sales teams, what do you call your constituents?


4 Key Ways Visual Engagement Software Improves Business

Co-browsing and screen sharing are types of visual engagement software. they allow a customer service agent to share an online view with customers. Agents can walk customers through your website, a demo, or even though a process such as ordering or filling out a form. Agents can also highlight important links or information or even take control of the customer’s screen. And customers’ private information can be masked so they can work with confidence.

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Top 5 Customer Satisfaction Blog Posts

When companies want to improve all around customer satisfaction and maintain business in the long run, there are several things they can do. Check out these five top blog posts of 2015 to learn more about increasing customer satisfaction in a business.

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Tailoring Sales Presentations Across Generations: X, Y, Z

Building rapport with customers brings any business ahead of the competition.