Transforming banking experiences and operations with Guided CX

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Digital transformation is reshaping customer interactions, and it’s essential for banks to strike the right balance between technology and human touch. 

According to Forrester, direct banking customers in 2023 rated hybrid experiences 3 points higher than digital-only ones, underlining the significance of human interaction in the customer journey. While digital channels provide convenience and efficiency, customers still value the personal connection offered by human interaction.

Here’s where Guided CX emerges as a game-changer. It not only enhances customer experience but also streamlines contact center operations, offering a holistic solution to meet the evolving needs of both customers and financial organizations.

Understanding Guided CX

Guided CX integrates advanced technology with human expertise to deliver personalized and seamless customer experiences. It empowers agents with real-time guidance and collaborative tools, enabling them to assist customers effectively across various touchpoints. From resolving complex issues to guiding customers through processes, Guided CX ensures every interaction is meaningful and efficient.

When customers are faced with making important decisions in a digital world – like applying for a mortgage or making a new investment – it can be incredibly lonely and anxiety-inducing. Guided CX transforms complex, frustrating, and disconnected digital journeys into high-value, face to face interactions, infused with effortless, empathetic, and expert human connection.

Success story: bank achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate using Guided CX

The success story of a major U.S. bank showcases the transformative power of Guided CX. Bankers and service reps in the call center are able to instantly launch Glance Cobrowse sessions to join the customer in the browser, see the web page, and guide customer navigation. By implementing cobrowsing, the bank took the in-branch experience digital and achieved an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate, demonstrating the tangible impact of collaborative tools on enhancing customer experience. 

Read the case study here.

Experiences and operations: how Guided CX benefits both

Differentiating with standout customer experiences

A bank’s digital offerings are critical for success, as most consumers today prefer to manage their bank accounts through a mobile app or a computer. But nearly 80% of digital banking functions are virtually the same — leaving just 20% for banks to differentiate their brand.

Enter: Guided CX.

Guided CX enables banks to provide in-branch experiences in a digital environment. Online banking can be made more enjoyable — something every customer wants! By leveraging guided experiences, banks can provide personalized, intuitive, and seamless interactions for their customers at every touchpoint, from account management to loan applications.

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Streamlining contact center operations

Beyond enhancing customer experience, Guided CX also simplifies contact center operations. Providing agents with intuitive guidance and tools reduces handling time, minimizes errors, and increases productivity. This translates into cost savings for the organization and allows agents to focus on delivering exceptional service rather than navigating complex systems.

According to an independent study, Glance was proven to:

  • Reduce average handle time by 20%
  • Improve first-time contact resolution
  • Improve employee experience

Read the report here.

When asked what their top challenges were, contact center leaders cited “increasing operational costs” and “hiring enough agents” as their top hurdles. By streamlining operations and improving the employee experience, Guided CX can help CX leaders tackle these challenges head-on. 

“With Glance, it’s an improvement in the customer experience and a reduction of expenses, which is rare when you have both of those things happen at the same time.”

Customer experience group manager, financial services


Embrace the future of banking

As banks strive to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, Guided CX can be a catalyst for success. By leveraging technology to amplify human interaction, banks can create meaningful experiences that resonate with customers. Whether it's guiding them through complex transactions or providing personalized assistance, Guided CX enables banks to deliver on their promise of exceptional service.

It's time to embrace Guided CX and embark on a journey towards customer-centric excellence. To learn more about Glance’s Guided CX solutions, visit

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