Unlocking customer experience success: Top case studies in Guided CX

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In today’s competitive business landscape, providing an exceptional customer experience is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As customers increasingly expect personalized and efficient interactions, companies are turning to guided customer experience (CX) solutions to deliver seamless and satisfying experiences. Guided CX goes beyond traditional methods by leveraging innovative technologies that allow agents to visually guide customers through their journey, addressing their needs in real-time. Leading enterprises are leveraging guided CX to achieve success — but how? What does that experience look like? And what are these leading brands accomplishing through guided CX technology?

Here are some best-in-class examples of companies that have successfully implemented guided CX strategies to revolutionize their customer support, resulting in enhanced satisfaction, improved resolution rates, and increased customer loyalty. From streamlined online tax preparation to intuitive marketplace navigation, these examples showcase how guided CX is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers.

Let’s dive in and see the power of guided CX in action.

A large bank brought the human touch to their digital experience to delight customers.

One in four bank customers are unlikely to ever set foot in a branch again, preferring a completely digital experience, according to a global survey. As banks adapt to changing customer preferences, there’s a need to maintain the personal, human experience in online banking. A top-five U.S. bank successfully transitioned its in-branch experience to the digital environment, doubling online banking transactions. By humanizing the online experience and offering real-time assistance, the bank enhanced customer satisfaction and trust. This case study showcases the importance of blending automated and human experiences to create a top-notch customer experience in the digital era.

Read the case study: The Future of Banking: How a Top-Five U.S. Bank Delights Customers by Bringing the Human Touch to Their Digital Experience

MINDBODY knocked down barriers to communication between agents and customers, lifting customer satisfaction & product adoption.

MINDBODY, the leading wellness services online marketplace and software platform, prioritizes customer experience as the key driver of brand loyalty. To enhance their customer support and training processes, MINDBODY partnered with Glance. With Glance’s sharing session feature, MINDBODY support agents can instantly view and navigate the customer’s screen, providing real-time guidance and assistance. This enables quick issue resolution and efficient software training. As a result, MINDBODY achieved measurable savings in average handle time and reduced customer churn. The company also strengthened its relationships with customers, empowering health and wellness company owners to operate more efficiently. By implementing Glance, MINDBODY successfully improved customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Read the case study: MINDBODY Leverages Glance to Drive Higher Adoption and Increased Customer Satisfaction

Truckstop.com removed friction from agent and customer interactions, resulting in shorter service calls, better user training, and happier customers.

Truckstop.com, an online marketplace connecting shippers and truckers, faced challenges in efficiently assisting callers and understanding their specific needs within their app. By implementing Glance, Truckstop.com enabled their service agents to view the subscriber’s browser screen, gaining visual context and expediting issue resolution. Agents can highlight items on the page to guide subscribers toward quick resolutions. The integration of Glance with Salesforce provided a seamless experience for both agents and subscribers, with sessions automatically logged for performance analysis. Glance is also used for onboarding new subscribers, allowing trainers to cobrowse, provide guided tours, and highlight navigation items. As a result, Truckstop.com experienced shorter and easier service calls (a 50% reduction in AHT!) and increased agent satisfaction.

Read the case study: Truckstop.com delivers premium customer care with Glance

Intuit TurboTax transforms the tax preparation experience with hands-on collaboration that turns confusion into confidence.

Intuit’s TurboTax, a popular tax preparation software, implemented Glance’s visual engagement technology to enhance customer collaboration and support. With the SmartLook™ feature, TurboTax experts can view the customer’s screen and provide real-time guidance by highlighting and annotating the user interface. This one-way video connection streamlines the tax preparation process and boosts customer confidence. Intuit experienced significant improvements, including a 10% increase in customer resolution rate, an 18% rise in Transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS), and a 15% reduction in average hold time. Glance’s cloud-based cobrowsing technology ensures security and privacy while enabling seamless interaction between experts and customers. Overall, TurboTax users benefit from a more personalized and efficient filing experience, thanks to Glance’s visual engagement solutions.

Read the case study: Glance Makes Customer Interactions Less Taxing for Intuit

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