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Transform educational experiences with Glance

Today’s students have more options than ever before. Institutions must offer standout online experiences and greater flexibility to meet students’ increasing expectations. And they must do so without forfeiting the meaningful connections that make campus communities strong.

With Glance, you can put human connection at the heart of digital learning, advising, and recruiting experiences. Guided CX solutions like cobrowse and video chat help your institution create online environments worthy of advising and learning, setting the new standard for higher education.
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Nearly 6 in 10 students say that, of all the companies they engage with online, their college is the furthest behind in personalizing their experience.

(Source: Modern Campus)

Support students when they need it most

When it comes to complex or high-stakes processes like admissions and financial aid, students need more than self-help articles. Give them clarity and one-on-one guidance with Glance’s Guided CX. Your advisors can join them right inside your school’s website or app with video chat and cobrowse to personally answer questions, help students fill out online forms, and provide technical support — all with the trust and empathy that can only come from human-to-human connection.

Human connection supports your goals: After enabling Glance Cobrowse for its enrollment process, a highly-ranked university achieved higher application completion rates and applicant satisfaction.

Create meaningful moments with prospective students

Explore offerings together, virtually. Glance empowers your institution to offer differentiated experiences your prospective students won’t forget. Use Glance’s Guided CX solutions for memorable virtual tours, meaningful professor meet-and-greets, and personalized online sessions that allow students to explore and learn about their programs of interest.


Set a new standard for online advising and learning

Give students the one-on-one support they expect in-person with the convenience of a remote environment. Professors and advisors can offer virtual office hours or advisory sessions that go above and beyond, transforming “do it yourself” to “let’s do it together.” Whether your institution offers online, hybrid, or in-person learning, all students can benefit from the flexibility and connections Guided CX facilitates.


Human-centered educational experiences drive measurable outcomes

Glance is demonstrated across multiple industries to provide measurable results that yield better outcomes to benefit students, staff and faculty, and the entire campus community.

abandonment rates
Guide prospective and current students from start to finish.

student satisfaction
Offer students the standout digital experiences they’ve come to expect.

staff satisfaction
Empower employees to do what they love: connect with students.


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