How brands boost loyalty and drive revenue with Glance for Salesforce

Heather Nightingale Director, Product Marketing, and Natalie Tosh, Product Manager (Integrations) at Glance
Heather Nightingale Natalie Tosh
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Heather Nightingale & Natalie Tosh

About this talk

Technology is transforming brand interactions - but not human nature.

Consumers expect memorable experiences with brands no matter how they interact - so when technology introduces friction or dehumanizes the experience, customers notice: and they're more likely to take their business elsewhere.

It's why differentiating your brand's CX in a sea of similar digital experiences is not only challenging - it's critical. And you know this because you have already empowered your teams with the #1 CRM for sales and service: Salesforce. But how can you take CX to the next level?

In the first webinar in our series, Bringing the Power of Human Connections to your CX Solution Stack, we'll show how Glance for Salesforce solves these brand challenges to deliver valuable experiences that create meaningful differentiation and brand love.

We’ll cover:

  • How Glance personalizes the customer journey from human-guided selling, advisory, and transactions to face-to-face digital customer support.
  • How Glance enables customer-facing employees, brand ambassadors, or third-party providers to join your customers face to face — inside your website or app — right at their moment of need.
  • How Glance removes friction from your representative’s experience by detecting customers on your digital property and empowering them to engage with customers from any Salesforce object.

Take the friction out of online experiences and create real, human connections with your customers to elevate the brand experience: increasing revenue opportunities, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.


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