3 Ways Financial Organizations Use Cobrowse With Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Glance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives customer service agents and account execs new powers to collaboratively visually engage with clients. Agents and customers connect simply by clicking on the Glance icon appearing on any Microsoft Dynamics contact, account, or other record. Glance is the only enterprise-grade visual engagement platform that instantly and connects agents using Dynamics, giving customers in an interactive view of online content anywhere, anytime, across any device.

When is visual engagement relevant?

Visual engagement is crucial when a challenge must be overcome, a problem solved, or a need met. For financial services teams, winning in the marketplace depends on making it easy to:

  • Securely connect with clients
  • Help prospects discover the products and services they need
  • Demonstrate those solutions in a compelling way
  • Upsell advanced capabilities with further benefits

All of these can be achieved with the use of visual engagement solutions. Truly personalized visual engagements produce outstanding online experiences that are natural, collaborative, cooperative…and profitable.

When can financial organizations use cobrowse?

When clients are reviewing their portfolios and suddenly believe some stock purchases “are not showing,” Glance Cobrowse puts brokers in a position to:

  • Quickly join clients at their exact UI screen with no “download delay” required for software to install on the clients’ systems. Glance creates a reassuring “instant rapport” by automatically putting clients and brokers together, literally on the same page.
  • Show clients what to do by “gesturing” (pointing, drawing boxes, highlighting) to indicate how they should interact with relevant items onscreen.
  • Respect client privacy automatically by enabling the cobrowse solution to restrict the brokers’ view to only the relevant browser window and nothing else on clients’ systems, as well as masking any sensitive client information from the agents’ view.

How can you gain a competitive edge?

This simple example is only the beginning. Glance Cobrowse powers collaboration when walking clients through questions about statements, filling in complex forms, selecting the right account options, accessing “hard-to-find” support pages and capabilities on the site, and much more.

If your financial organization uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer relationship management, it’s time to take a hard look at how Glance Networks can uniquely elevate your client satisfaction success—others have, and are reaping competitive rewards.

Are you ready to discover how Glance visual engagement solutions can improve customer engagement and increase sales for your business?

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Glance helps enterprise organizations create the ultimate customer experience with smart, omni-channel visual engagement solutions based around integrated cobrowse, screen share, and one-way agent video. We are one of the world’s simplest, most reliable and secure platforms that enable companies to see, show and share anything online, creating a frictionless path to great experiences in sales, support and customer service. The result is improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased revenue growth and operational savings. From financial services and healthcare to retail and travel and leisure, even the most advanced technology and SaaS organizations – we transform the customer experience for today’s business. Learn More »

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