4 Easy Ways Visual Engagement Improves Customer Communication

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Visual engagement is a critical set of tools, especially for online businesses that sell complex offerings.

Imagine you are talking on the phone to a friend. You are trying to describe a beautiful piece of art. Or you are trying to guide him or her to a restaurant. Maybe you are trying to convince your friend to buy an outfit that you think would be just right for him or her.

Not so easy using only words, right?

Now imagine you are in the same room together. You can show your friend the artwork and point out its various features. You can guide your friend using a map so he or she can see which roads are dead ends and which will lead to the restaurant. You can demonstrate to your friend just why this outfit perfectly suits his or her taste.

Are you getting the picture?

Communicate visually with customers

Working with online customers, customer service agents can encounter issues similar to the ones mentioned above. It’s hard to guide customers through processes or collaborate with them when you’re never exactly sure if you’re looking at the same things.

That’s where visual engagement – integrated cobrowse, screen share, agent video – comes in. Visual engagement brings instant understanding to otherwise challenging situations, expanding the power of your agents to communicate.

Looking for some examples? Check out the four below.

1. Show your product in action

SaaS and online services can be challenging to demonstrate to customers. Trial installations are great, but customers may not be aware of all of the features you have to offer or might become confused about your services.

With visual engagement, you can show a customer your browser or see theirs. With that knowledge in hand, you can walk customers through your offerings.

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Highlight the important parts. Talk with them to understand their requirements, then show them how they can get the most out of what you have to offer. Give them a personalized tour and you’ll instantly pique their interest.

For instance, Apple has used this technique to its advantage with the Apple Watch. Apple’s personal setup program includes an online video session with an Apple customer service employee. During the session, Apple visually guides customers through the features of the watch and answer questions.

Glance for SaaS - Cobrowse, Screen Share, Agent Video

2. Show drawings, charts, and more

Need to show drawings? Photos of properties? Charts or spreadsheets? If so, visual engagement is the solution for you.

Salter Spiral Stair creates staircase residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The company utilizes visual engagement solutions to share and collaborate with customers on designs. As the company says on its website:

“The online meeting is the stage that our customers rant and rave about in our Testimonial videos. The meeting stage is everyone’s favorite because you’ll be able to see how we designed your stair specifically for your space. During this stage we’ll reveal our CAD drawing so you can see how your stair rotates and where you will enter and exit the stair.”

3. Help a customer find the right product quickly

If you are a retail company with an extensive online catalog, customers may find it challenging to uncover exactly the right products for them. With visual engagement solutions, you show customers the options available quickly, instantly cutting through option overload.

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Kevin Lynos-Tarr, President at leading promotional products company 4imprint, has this to say:

“4imprint makes the process of buying promotional products easier and less expensive for customers. In order to offer incredible value we have to offer incredible service, and Glance visual engagement solutions gives us the power to accomplish that goal. With Glance’s intuitive cobrowse solution, we can easily collaborate with our customers to find them the exact products they need. Moreover, offering stellar customer service through visual engagement strengthens the bond between our customers and our associates, helping us continue to grow our loyal customer base.”

4. Offer a demo or presentation

If a voice-only sales call goes well, take it to the next step with a web demo that sets up on the fly and connects instantly. Don’t annoy prospects by forcing them to download something. Nor should you let them go cold with a complex web conference that needs to be scheduled for later.

A great example of an organization using visual engagement to demo its products is CMD (formerly Reed Construction Data). The company is the only commercial construction information provider with the combination of true national U.S. coverage of construction projects and the strongest Canadian coverage available.

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CMD uses visual engagement solutions to launch demos, drive training, and close cases from within Salesforce.com. Participants are connected with one click, in just seconds. All activity is automatically recorded with no action necessary by the reps, and sales managers can easily access reports such as number of demos per rep, demos to forecasted opportunities, and the impact demos have had on lead conversion rates.

See eye-to-eye with your customers using visual engagement tools

Ready to learn more about how visual engagement can bring your customer service to the next level? Contact Glance Networks today at sales@glance.net or request a personalized demo today.

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