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Do SaaS companies still need customer success?

You have a stellar SaaS product. It’s easy to use, your self-service is impressively in-depth, plus your baked-in onboarding is first-rate. This well-oiled machine can practically run on its own, which may make you wonder … do you really need a SaaS customer success team?


Why SaaS onboarding is different – and how you can improve it

It’s not exactly a bombshell revelation that customer onboarding is incredibly important. It’s a wellspring for improved support metrics, it builds relationships, and it makes for happier, more engaged users. What isn’t so obvious is why customer onboarding is arguably more important for SaaS companies than it is for other tech companies.


How to improve SaaS customer success today

Customer success is a growing field that SaaS CX professionals are adopting. It’s easy to see why. Focusing on SaaS customer success can improve the customer experience, increase product adoption, lower churn rate, increase loyalty from both customers and employees, and boost revenue.


How to make SaaS customer support outstanding

In a SaaS company, providing great support is the key to your growth and success.

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Glance Guided CX and Intuit Make Tax Season Less Taxing

According to the US government, the 2021 tax filing season officially kicked off on February 12th, the first day the IRS began accepting tax returns. But for me, the unofficial beginning of the tax season each year occurs the moment the first Intuit TurboTax advertisement airs during the Super Bowl. It is always rewarding for me and other Glance employees to see Intuit’s commercials in which Glance Guided CX functionality takes center stage!


MINDBODY Uses Glance to Drive Higher Customer Satisfaction, Higher App Adoption

We’re very pleased to post another customer success story on our website: MINDBODY Leverages Glance to Drive Higher Adoption and Increased Customer Satisfaction.


SaaStr 2018: Visual Engagement Can Reduce Customer Churn for SaaS

The Glance team had a great time participating at this year’s SaaStr Annual 2018 in San Francisco. SaaStr is the popular blog/Quora entity that has morphed into a global community of B2B SaaS founders and executives—not to mention its role as a $90 million venture fund. It bills its annual conference as “three days and five stages” of amazing content and networking opportunities for professionals in sales, marketing, customer success, product, engineering, finance and operations.


3 Amazing Visual Engagement Stories You Need to Read Today

Today’s businesses are faced with a challenge: how to stand out in the crowd. Customer service has become central in the quest to gain a competitive edge. Self-service is great to a certain extent, but those who really want to win are investing in a more personalized experience to close business faster and improve the customer experience. That’s where visual engagement solutions come into play.


Visual Engagement Builds Sales for SaaS Organizations

A sales team depends on demos in order to transform prospects into customers. However, not every demo can be done in person, in particular when you’re talking about sales for SaaS companies. That’s where visual engagement solutions come in handy.