5 Ways Retail Can Provide Outstanding Customer Service

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The fall and winter holidays mean both more business and more customer service requests. This is a great time of the year to strengthen your retail business’ reputation as a leader and cement customer loyalty.

Here are five tips you can follow to make your customers happier, increase your business, and truly let your customer service practice shine during the holiday season.

1. Be aware

The impulse might be there to start or end a conversation with, “Have a great Christmas” or to make a comment about holiday shopping. However, be sensitive to the fact that not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Saying, “Happy holidays” is friendly and festive without making any major assumptions. Even better, simply wish your customers a lovely day.

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2. Make it easy

For many, the holiday season is filled with fun and joy. For others, however, the holiday season means stress. Make working with your business as easy as possible. Provide as much information as you can online for quick self-service, but also offer easy access to live customer service representatives through phone, chat, and cobrowsing. The easier you make doing business, the more likely your customers will come back for more.

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3. Be original

Don’t be afraid to buck the system. Just think of REI’s wonderful OptOutside campaign. It started when REI closed its doors on Black Friday, instead encouraging its employees (and customers) to spend time outside having fun. This was a bold move but it not only won people’s attention but also their hearts. The campaign was so popular that REI is continuing its OptOutside program to continue to encourage people to put the outdoors at the center of their lives.

4. Show respect

With all the pressure and craziness around the holiday season and end of year for many businesses, tempers can be on edge. Be understanding if your customers are feeling the pressure. Never talk down to the customers, act impatient, or tell them there’s nothing that can be done. People who contact customer service should be listened to and understood. When you really hear what customers have to say and make your best effort to close out the conversation in a matter that’s satisfactory to both parties, customers will be appreciative.

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5. Have fun

Remember that the best part of the holidays is brightening other’s day. Go out of your way to say something nice to your customers in a sincere and genuine way. And smile when you talk. Even if your customers can’t see your face, they’ll hear the difference.

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