Bridging the divide: Ensuring consistent customer experience in a multi-channel world

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We all know how hard it can be to keep customer experience consistent across all our digital, mobile, social channels, and physical channels. With so many platforms out there now, it can feel like managing a contact center and all the physical channels and data pulls us in opposite directions. And you can bet that if we’re feeling that struggle, our customers are too. How do we bridge this divide?

David Butler, SVP of Product & Strategy, recently talked about creating a consistent customer experience on CX Today. David has over 25 years of experience in enterprise CX. He’s been on the vendor supplier side and on the corporate IT services side and shared a lot of valuable insights from his diverse experience in his conversation with CX Today’s David Dungay. Keep reading for highlights from the conversation, or watch the video replay at the bottom of this article.

Share data between all channels, all the time

To ensure consistency, accessible data should be shared between all channels in real-time. Data should not just be post-session, but contextual and available in each customer interaction. The challenge now is to articulate the technologies that we have to create a unified customer experience.

Strive for excellent CX design

David shared that achieving a consistent customer experience also requires great CX design. This means collaboratively working within the organization and with CX professionals to design an experience — what it needs to be and what it should be — to reach your desired business outcomes.

Leverage generative AI in the right moments

Where does generative AI fit in all of this? As David said, it enters the equation “as soon as they hit your front door.” The use of AI early in the customer experience can be used to understand the customer’s mission and emotional state, helping determine the next step in the customer journey.

Don’t forget the human touch

AI can be a helpful tool, but throughout all of this, it’s important to remember the human touch. There should be greater collaboration between human and machine. The customer should feel they can access help in the right channel and at the right time with the right specialist or expert.

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“We've over rotated in self-service, and to a large extent, we've forced customers to resolve themselves. We don't pick up on the signals in that [self-service] customer interaction that they're, really in need of a high touch, but they're also in need of the right specialist or the right expert with empathy,” David said.

Watch the recording now to get a more in-depth understanding of the importance of consistent CX. We’ve also included a list of key takeaways as a quick reference.


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