5 Helpful Cobrowse Articles to Boost Customer Loyalty

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Looking for some great cobrowse articles to get you started on your journey? Search no more! It’s all here for the taking.

Cutting-edge companies are all about creating “wow” customer experiences. That’s why businesses today are investing in visual engagement solutions like Glance Cobrowse. Enterprises use cobrowse to raise Net Promoter Scores (NPS), reduce customer effort, and create customers for life.

When you can see, show, and share a view with customers at the click of a button, you can skip all those questions like, “Are you on the website?” or “What do you see?” Instead, you can quickly clarify sales and support conversations, as well as improve first contact resolution for complex support scenarios. What’s more, you can do it all in a secure environment where private and sensitive information is protected.

Ready to learn about how you can use cobrowse to boost customer loyalty and see amazing returns on your investment? Check out these five informative cobrowse articles to learn more.

5 Helpful Cobrowse Articles to Boost Customer Loyalty - Glance Networks

Cobrowse vs Screen Share – what’s the difference?

Maybe you’ve heard about visual engagement and know it will make your customers happy and your profits soar. Both cobrowse and screen share are part of Glance’s powerful visual engagement toolset. And with Glance’s new one-click solution, you don’t even have to choose which tool fits which situation. You will automatically be guided to the best solution for the situation.

Yet perhaps you’re still not sure and would like to know, what’s the difference between cobrowse and screen share?  Check out the infographic in this article to learn more or download the PDF to use as your own printable checklist.

Read the whole article and check out the infographic here: Cobrowse vs Screen Share – What’s the Difference?

Now you understand more about what cobrowsing is. On to some cobrowse articles that explain how the technology can enable you to beat the competition…

Supercharge customer experience with cobrowse

Decent pricing and product availability are easy to find on most websites. It’s harder to find an outstanding customer experience. Fantastic customer service is definitely worth investing in, on both the customer and the business sides.

One great way to provide super experiences for your customers is to invest in a next generation cobrowsing solution. With cobrowse, you can instantly and effortlessly see what your customers see. You can then guide them through processes in real time, as though you were in the room together.

Business leaders are using visual engagement solutions like cobrowse, screen share, and agent video to bring sales, support, marketing, and customer experience to the next level. When customers and agents can work online together, sharing a view as if they were sitting side by side, customer experience immediately soars. Business can create stronger, deeper customer relationships with the click of a button.

Ready to learn more? Check out the complete article here: Supercharge Customer Experience with Cobrowse.

Looking for cobrowse articles about customer service or tech support? Read on to discover more…

How cobrowsing transforms customer service

Cobrowsing empowers customer service organizations provide crucial customer support in real time. Agents who cobrowse are able to overcome many of the difficulties service call center support staff experience usually when trying to help clients. In fact, once you resolve customer issues, there is even an opportunity to offer additional products and services. It provides a great opportunity to improve the bottom line.

Take a look through this article to discover Six Ways Cobrowsing Transforms Customer Service and the customer experience.

Next gen cobrowse for Tier 1 tech support

There are some things tech support never wants to hear. For example, “I need assistance, but now I’m struggling to download your support solution just to receive the help you’re offering!” Yet it’s an all-too-common problem. Many tech support screen share tools can cause more frustration than they solve.

The trend of online browser-based support continues to flourish. At the same time, expectations continue to rise for exceptional customer experience. The result is a growing need to lower customer effort through visual communication and collaboration.

Discover how cobrowsing can improve your business’ technical support today: Next Gen Cobrowse for Effortless Tier 1 Tech Support.

But maybe you’re looking for cobrowse articles that tell you how to integrate the solution into your current tech. Try this one on for size…

Improve your cobrowse for Salesforce implementation

Integrating Glance Cobrowse with your Salesforce solution enables you to create a customer experience powerhouse. You can open Glance from your CRM implementation and start browsing with your customers with a single click. But is there more you can be doing with your Glance Cobrowse for Salesforce implementation to achieve the ROI you’re looking for?

We’ve handled hundreds of visual engagement integrations into Salesforce over the years and learned a thing or two in the process. This article contains some best practices Glance has learned so you can reduce customer and agent effort and delight customers today.

Read the full article here: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Cobrowse for Salesforce Implementation.

Stop reading cobrowse articles – try it for yourself!

With all these cobrowse articles in hand, you are now well-read on the subject of cobrowsing solutions. Are you are ready to see how the power of Glance Cobrowse can bring your own company a competitive advantage? After all, our success relies on smart businesses like you who envision a better way to engage customers and prospects online. Communicate visually and instantly, without compromising privacy.

Sign up for your personalized demo with a Glance expert and we’ll work with you to help you discover how to:

  • Transform customer experience into a competitive asset by enhancing customer collaboration
  • Simplify complex onboarding, troubleshooting, and support processes – resulting in greater renewal rates and decreased support efforts
  • Show customers how to get the most out of self-serve resources and guide customers through more complicated processes and issues – with a single click

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