Top 5 Cobrowsing Articles of 2015

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Cobrowsing is a key part of today’s customer service strategy. The ability to share a view with customers is critical for solving problems, improving understanding, creating better outcomes, strengthening customer loyalty and more.

In fact, the media is abuzz with reasons you should consider bringing cobrowsing into your business. Check out these top five cobrowsing-focused articles to learn more.

Cobrowsing research

Nearly three quarters of customer service professionals lack the tools they need to deliver an optimal customer experience –

This article highlights research indicating that 73 percent of customer service professionals have difficulty meeting their performance metric goals. 78 percent of customer service professionals track and are measured against at least one performance metric, such as first contact resolution, average handle time or customer satisfaction score, but many don’t have the necessary tools to meet their goals.

To address this gap, visual engagement technologies like cobrowsing and screen sharing are effective in creating a one-to-one connection between customer service and customers. In fact, 52 percent of respondents that worked for companies who had cobrowsing or screen sharing technologies reported better understanding of customer issues, while 38 percent stated they had improved customer satisfaction.

Read the full article to learn more and view the accompanying infographic.

Customer service best practice – use cobrowsing

Customer Service: 4 Ways to Reduce Effort – CXpert blog

In this article, you get actionable advice about how to improve customer service in such a way that you will reduce effort for both customers and agents. Offering the right tools at the right time is the key to it all.

Here’s a sneak peek at the four tools you will read about in this article: self-service options, phone, chat, and cobrowsing. All of these avenues provide great opportunities for solving customer issues through a private means. You definitely also need to include easy access to your social handles on your website. However, if you can provide customers with effortless access to private channels for solving their issues, they are more likely to save their public comments for positive feedback and reviews.

Read the full CXpert post to learn more.

Cobrowsing case study: Generation Tux

Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch Retail With George Zimmer – Perficient blog

After leaving Men’s Wearhouse, George Zimmer is back with a new startup and ready to revolutionize retail. It’s the first ever B2C platform powered on Salesforce from end-to-end: Generation Tux.

The tuxedo market handles 10 million rentals a year. George wants to combine a tux rental with Salesforce technology so you can handle all your rental details without leaving your home. All architecture decisions were made with an eye to customers and to scale.

If you run into a problem, you can call, chat, or even cobrowse with customer service reps. It’s white-glove customer service. When things go wrong, reps are enabled to take care of an issue overnight.

Read the full Perficient blog post for the complete story. Looking for more information? Check out this awesome video on the same subject: George Zimmer Unveils His Next Big Innovation In High Tech, High Touch Retail – Salesforce Live.

Humanize your business using cobrowsing

5 Fabulous Ways to Make Your Business More Likeable – Likeable Local blog

These days there are a million different ways to get information to your customers. At the same time, you are not the only one vying for their attention. How do you make yourself not only stand out from the crowd, but actually become a company your customers actually enjoy working with?

The more you can set yourself up as a dependable friend, the more likable you will become. Ultimately, that translates into more loyal customers who will invite their friends to become loyal customers. And that’s something we all like.

The first tip in this article is to be where your customers are. This may include adding self-help, phone, chat, or visual engagement (cobrowsing, screen sharing, video, etc.). Every business should select a few engagement channels, because not every channel fits every need.

Read the rest of this Likeable Local article to discover the rest of the five sure-fire tips to start you on your way to becoming a likeable business.

Use cobrowse tools to improve customer service

Why is the Service in Customer Service Failing? – Business2Community

There’s no denying that good customer service plays a major role in business success. In today’s multichannel environment, it’s more critical than ever to provide customers with a personalized and seamless experience. For many, that means interaction with another human. In fact, even with an array of self-service options available, Forrester reported that 45 percent of buyers require person-to-person contact.

Outdated customer service metrics and technology are two key impediments in the search for excellent customer service. How can you solve these issues? One step is to include visual engagement technologies like cobrowsing and screen sharing, which are effective in creating a one-to-one connection between customer service and customers.

Learn more by reading the full Business2Community article.

Learn more about cobrowsing

As you can see, cobrowsing has become a hot topic in 2015. Still not sure about how cobrowsing will fit into your own customer service strategy? Learn more by checking out this free ebook: Co-Browsing: Guide Customers to Grow Your Own Success.

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