How to Get the Fastest ROI From Your Customer Service Technology Investment

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Today’s consumers expect businesses to be customer-centric and provide a stellar customer experience across all channels. With that in mind, organizations are increasingly investing in new technology to improve the customer lifecycle.

In fact, according to recent research:

  • 93% of IT decision makers plan to renew or purchase software in the coming year
  • 86% of businesses increased or upgraded their customer-focused technology over the past three years
  • 1-in-5 companies say requests for customer-centric technology comes from employees at every level
  • 63% of CEOs put customer-centric programs as one of their top three investments

At the same time, adding new customer service technology into the contact center is just the first step. You can purchase the best solutions out there, but if your employees don’t use that technology, then that investment will not bring the benefits you hoped for.

Training: the key to achieving ROI

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Despite the fact that businesses acknowledge the importance of investing in customer-centric technology, more than one in four do not provide training programs on their new contact center technology.

As a result, there are gaps in employee understanding and challenges achieving business goals. Moreover, employees often don’t adopt the new customer service technology because they don’t truly understand why they should change the way they currently do business.

Ready to change that cycle? When you look at adding new contact center technology to your customer lifecycle process, look beyond product functionality and be sure that you find a technology partner that will also help you provide a thorough training program.

With the proper training, your contact center can:

  • Strengthen employee buy-in
  • Broaden new technology usage
  • Speed ROI
  • Raise employee satisfaction
  • Improve productivity

5 traits to look for in a strong customer service technology partner

When you are looking for a contact center technology solution, of course you want a technology that meets your expectation. However, you will reap even more benefits if you also ensure your technology partner provides the following:

  • Multi-channel self service and assisted customer support
  • Understanding of your priorities and metrics
  • Deep knowledge of the challenges of your market
  • Tools that integrate into your environment
  • An in-depth onboarding program

Check out the infographic below for more information on how you can get the fastest ROI from your contact center technology investment.

How to Get the Fastest ROI From Your Technology Investment - Glance Networks Cobrowsing, Screen Sharing, Agent Video Visual Engagement Solutions

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