Next Gen Cobrowse for Effortless Tier 1 Tech Support

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There are some things tech support never wants to hear: “I need assistance, but now I’m struggling to download your support solution just to receive the help you’re offering!”

Yet it’s an all-too-common problem that contact centers regularly face. Unfortunately, many tech support screen share tools can cause more frustration than they solve.

The trend of online browser-based support continues to flourish. At the same time, expectations continue to rise for exceptional customer experience. These demands result in a growing need to lower customer effort through visual communication and collaboration.

Say “hello” to next generation cobrowse simplicity

Some contact centers use screen share tools to handle support issues. However, Tier 1 tech support can be managed more efficiently and effortlessly by using next generation cobrowse. Perhaps the greatest benefit of next generation cobrowse is that when employed, a help session can be launched without any downloads for the customer.

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Say “bye-bye” to frustration

An agent and customer can instantly connect to the same web page within the customer’s browser window using just cobrowse. Being connected without any hesitation or hassle results not only in less effort placed on the customer but the agent too.

The agent has no angst about walking a customer through an extra download step—there is none! Moreover, the agent knows from her past experience that downloads take time and don’t always work. That can lead to an immediate breakdown in communication during a call. Not a good way to start a tech support session.

With next generation cobrowse, the agent now quickly and easily guides the customer to the information he is seeking. Together, they can focus immediately on issue at-hand. Moreover, next generation cobrowse is reliable. It works every time.

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Use the right tool at the right time: Glance Visual Engagement Platform

Okay, so now the majority of tech support calls are handled through no-hassle, next generation cobrowse. The agent’s average call time has gone down and the process of connecting is smooth, efficient, and satisfying.

But what about the few times when the issue lies beyond the browser? For example, maybe the agent discovers that the customer’s problem is within his desktop settings. Or maybe to answer the customer’s inquiry, the agent needs to show the customer a form from the agent’s hard drive.

No problem.

When contact centers use next generation cobrowse as part the of the Glance visual engagement solution, agents can seamlessly switch to screen share from within the cobrowse session. There is no need to launch a new session. Just by clicking one button agents and customers continue to be engaged using the screen share aspect of the Glance solution.  And if agents just needs to show their screens, again no download is required.

In other words, complex interactions are made easy using Glance visual engagement software.

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Reduce communications barriers and callbacks

Glance next generation cobrowse also offers the infinite power of visual engagement by allowing agents and customers to see and share the same information in real time.

Visual engagement presents the opportunity for an agent to turn a support call into a “teaching moment” as well. For example, the agent can show a customer how to navigate the website in general, guide a customer on how to fill out similar forms and applications, or walk a customer through various product features. This guiding process is accomplished in part through gesturing (a Glance Cobrowse feature).

Using gesturing, an agent can highlight areas within the browser, like a section of the company website. Gesturing makes it crystal clear to the customer what they need to click on or where they need to navigate to next.

In addition, now that the customer has learned how to “self-serve,” there is a better chance that customer won’t call back another time with a similar issue. In fact, one Glance customer experienced impressive ROI numbers after implementing our visual engagement solution:

  • 14% reduction in handling times
  • 18% increase in first-call resolution
  • 10% reduction in future support calls

Next generation cobrowse for Tier 1 tech support

For SaaS companies or any organization offering services within the browser, it is simply unnecessary to use screen share as the “go to” tool for today’s Tier 1 tech support. Instead, tech support agents can rely on next generation cobrowse to take care of most of their customer’s needs. With next generation cobrowse, contact centers can improve the customer experience through smarter, faster, and effortless online interactions.

Combining cobrowse, screen share, and the benefits of visual engagement place less effort on both agents and customers, and improve the overall customer experience. Agents are empowered, customers are pleased, and the company ROI reaps the benefit.

Ready to learn more about how visual engagement can help you improve your technical support efforts across the contact center? Get the free eBook, How to Use Remote Collaboration Solutions to Create Amazing Customer Experiences and Gain Quick ROI.

Glance for Technical Support - Cobrowse, Screen Share, and Agent Video

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