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The evolution of contact center employees in the AI era

The contact center industry is at a pivotal crossroads, with technological advancements, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), poised to redefine the landscape. CCW's recent market study on the Future of Contact Center Employees sheds light on the evolving role of contact center agents in this AI-driven era. Here's a closer look at the key insights and what they mean for the future of contact center work.

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Putting customers at the heart of digital journeys

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, let's talk about a different kind of relationship: the one between businesses and their customers. Just like any good romance, the connection between a brand and its clientele should be nurtured, cherished, and, most importantly, centered around understanding and appreciation. As we navigate the vast digital landscape, placing the customer at the heart of digital journeys isn't just nice—it's essential.


Glance recognized among notable vendors in CX orchestration landscape report

Report highlights real-time impact of customer journey orchestration through data, AI and CX technologies Wakefield, MA, February 8, 2024: Glance, the industry leader in Guided Customer Experience (CX) solutions, was named among notable vendors in Forrester’s recent report, “The Customer Journey Orchestration Landscape, Q1 2024” (January 26, 2024). This timely report covers the latest trends in CX and customer journey technology for 2024, and is meant to help organizations “understand the value they can expect from a customer journey orchestration vendor, learn how vendors differ, and investigate options based on size and market focus.”

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6 tips to get started with contact center AI

In a recent discussion on CX Today, Glance CEO Tom Martin shared his valuable insights on the integration of AI in contact centers and its potential to redefine customer service. The conversation, hosted by CX Today’s Charlie Mitchell, touched on various aspects of AI application, offering a roadmap for contact center leaders looking to harness AI's power. Keep reading for six key tips from the discussion, or scroll to watch the full video at the bottom of this post.

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How AI is helping the customer-representative relationship

Despite current economic challenges, businesses can't afford to skimp on digital customer experience (CX). A staggering 72% of leaders plan to increase their spending in this category. This investment is crucial, especially when considering that two-thirds of millennials now expect real-time customer service. In such a climate, AI becomes not just an option, but a necessity for businesses aiming to optimize every dollar spent and hour invested. Here's a closer look at how AI is transforming the customer-representative dynamic and why leading enterprises are harnessing its power.


Glance announces Kristine Hansen as Vice President of Sales & Strategic Partnerships for North America

Hansen's promotion reflects Glance’s dynamic growth and commitment to excellence in customer experience Wakefield, MA, January 30, 2024: Glance, the industry leader in Guided CX™ solutions, has promoted Kristine Hansen to Vice President of North American Sales & Strategic Partnerships. This strategic move underscores Glance's remarkable growth in 2023 and its commitment to enhancing customer journeys for Fortune 500 companies.


Customers interact with you via their smartphones. Leverage that!

Even before the pandemic, 92 percent of consumers chose their smartphone as their primary device for customer service.   Perhaps this is no surprise. After all, it has been 16 years since the advent of the iPhone.   Yet, in all that time, many of the same pain points still irritate customers as they interact brands on their mobile devices.

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The disconnection dilemma: Poor tech choices harm customers and brands

Companies are leaning into technology to make things smoother and better for customers. But it's not always working out as planned. Tech gone wrong isn’t just an annoyance to customers, it's also putting a dent in what brands stand for. Where are the missteps? How can companies undergoing digital transformation smooth out their tech strategies to improve the customer experience and their brand image? Let’s dive in.

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The dawn of proactive customer experience: AI's role in 2024

Predictive AI technology is a trend that will reshape the customer experience (CX) in 2024. This advancement can change the way businesses interact with and serve their customers, transitioning from a reactive to a proactive stance in addressing customer needs. Instead of merely reacting to customer issues as they arise, AI algorithms will proactively identify potential problems and resolve them in real-time — enhancing interactions before there’s a real problem.