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The equation for a compelling online interaction

When was the last time you had a compelling engagement with a chatbot? Probably never. Chatbots and self service are important, but when situations escalate above what a self-help article or AI can handle, it’s essential to have the right tools to provide a great experience for both the customer and the agent. Here’s the equation for a compelling online interaction: Great Customer Experience (CX) + Great Agent Experience (AX) = Great Human Experience Let’s break that down.

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The human factor: Redefining customer experience in a digital world

In today's digital-first world, businesses are increasingly focused on providing exceptional Customer Experience (CX) to gain a competitive edge. With countless tools and channels at their disposal, companies strive to create seamless interactions that cater to their tech-savvy customers. While the digital-first approach has brought numerous benefits, it's crucial not to overlook the significance of human interaction in delivering an outstanding customer experience (CX). Renowned customer service and CX expert Shep Hyken recently interviewed Glance CEO Tom Martin on Amazing Business Radio to explore the role human interaction plays in today’s landscape. Listen to the full podcast episode here, or keep reading for a synopsis of the insightful conversation.


Glance Announces Strategic Partnership with Experience Design Expert Amy Heymans

Former Chief Experience Officer of Mad*Pow and Chief Design Officer of UnitedHealthcare brings decades of Fortune 500 CX experience to Glance customers and partners Wakefield, MA, August 9, 2023: Glance, a leading provider of human-guided customer experience (CX) solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with human-centered design expert Amy Heymans. In an era of rapid evolution for CX, evaluating customer journeys and developing strong experiential designs has become essential. Understanding the technological landscape and striking the right balance between technology and human interaction are critical for the success of leading Fortune 500 organizations. This new partnership ushers in a groundbreaking era of customer experience, seamlessly integrating AI technology with the right human touch.

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Has your CX lost its human touch?

It makes sense that businesses are moving towards digital customer experiences. We’re living in a digital world. But in the process, they've left out a crucial element that customers really crave: the human touch. Although using a chatbot can speed up responses and get rid of the dreaded hold music, if companies don’t approach this strategy carefully, it might actually create a harmful emotional distance between businesses and their customers. Studies show that when there's no human connection in customer experiences, people end up feeling dissatisfied and disconnected.

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Bridging the divide: Ensuring consistent customer experience in a multi-channel world

We all know how hard it can be to keep customer experience consistent across all our digital, mobile, social channels, and physical channels. With so many platforms out there now, it can feel like managing a contact center and all the physical channels and data pulls us in opposite directions. And you can bet that if we’re feeling that struggle, our customers are too. How do we bridge this divide?

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Turn smartphones into sales and service accelerators with Mobile Camera Share

Smartphones are everywhere and over 86% of the world’s population has one. Which means there’s a pretty good chance your customers and employees — including your field service technicians or onsite reps — have one, too. Why not leverage this tool to make our sales and service interactions smoother, faster, and simpler?

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Staying ahead of the curve: adapting to insurance consumer preferences for improved retention

In today's competitive insurance industry, customer retention is more important than ever. And the key to driving retention is to continuously meet consumer expectations and preferences — which in today’s rapidly-changing world, can feel like a moving target. What do today’s insurance consumers want and expect? How has digital innovation shifted those expectations? And how can insurance providers keep up with rising digital expectations while maintaining essential human connection? Buckle up and keep reading; we’ll answer all these questions and more so you can focus on the right opportunities that can have the greatest impact on your retention goals.

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Innovating Guided CX: A path to exceptional customer experiences

CEO Tom Martin recently joined CX Today’s Charlie Mitchell for an engaging conversation where they explored the evolving landscape of customer experience (CX). They explored the increasing significance of guided CX, the solutions that are resonating with Glance's customers, and Tom gave a sneak peek into Glance's product roadmap. Keep reading for a synopsis of the conversation, or watch the replay now.

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Embracing Guided CX and human connection at Glance

By Tom Martin, Glance CEO