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How to boost customer retention with “face-to-face” digital CX

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the way businesses interact with their customers. In-person meetings and traditional face-to-face interactions took a backseat, compelling companies to quickly adapt and reimagine their customer experience (CX) strategies. As a result, businesses embraced digital solutions that simulate the personal touch and intimacy of in-person interactions. These “face-to-face” digital CX initiatives not only bridged the gap caused by physical restrictions but also proved to be effective in enhancing customer retention.

Financial Services

The importance of customer-centric design in digital banking

Digital banking has entered a realm of no return, propelling forward with unstoppable force. For years, the winds of change have been accelerating toward complete digitalization, as customers demand and expect faster, more diverse service options. Those who are embracing change are rising to the top: According to Forrester, 35% of global banking executives report successful progress with their digital initiatives and related buying decisions.

Case Study

Unlocking customer experience success: Top case studies in Guided CX

In today’s competitive business landscape, providing an exceptional customer experience is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As customers increasingly expect personalized and efficient interactions, companies are turning to guided customer experience (CX) solutions to deliver seamless and satisfying experiences. Guided CX goes beyond traditional methods by leveraging innovative technologies that allow agents to visually guide customers through their journey, addressing their needs in real-time. Leading enterprises are leveraging guided CX to achieve success — but how? What does that experience look like? And what are these leading brands accomplishing through guided CX technology?


Glance for Salesforce: The power duo

Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Tacos and Tuesdays. Some things just go better together — like Salesforce and Glance.

Why brands should embrace AI

Over the past year and a half, consumers have moved nearly every aspect of their lives to digital channels.

Effortless digital transformation: Leading with process & technology

KT Ellis, Senior IT Product Manager at Dutchie, has been working to support CX organizations for more than 20 years, mostly in the SaaS space. In their current role at Dutchie, they act as a strategic partner, leading system/capability roadmap planning and using data to tell stories and make decisions. They partner with business leaders and the engineering team to drive improvements, automations, and enhancements and actively look for ways to scale. In every interaction, they strive to actively listen, surface disconnects, re-frame problems, and push boundaries.

Creating a customer-centric culture: Tips and tricks for success

Customer churn is expensive. Really, really expensive. U.S. brands lose $35.3 billion every year due to unplanned churn. Here’s where that number really hurts: that unplanned churn is caused by avoidable CX issues.

Maximizing the potential of AI with a customer-first CX approach

The CX industry is buzzing about artificial intelligence (AI). ChatGPT brought AI to the forefront of people’s minds overnight, and the technology went from experimentation to providing real business value in a flash. AI-powered technologies are poised to disrupt industries — profoundly and quickly — but many are proceeding with caution amidst security and ethical concerns.

How to optimize the right digital touchpoints for better CX

Providing great customer experiences is about delivering “convenient, empowering, and emotional experiences,” according to a recent Forrester report. The best way to do that? Choose the right digital touchpoints, and optimize them to best fit your customer’s needs.