Podcast: How Visual Engagement Optimizes the Contact Center

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Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks, sat down with Telecom Reseller’s Gary Audin at the Enterprise Connect conference in March to record a podcast about visual engagement in the contact center.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the conversation:

  • How is Glance “visual engagement” different from common collaboration tools like GoToMeeting and Skype and so forth?

    Tom explains that most collaboration tools are not custom built for the contact center. The customer needs to download/install/configure something. Glance is built on technology that always works and does not require the customer to download anything. Glance is embedded in the contact center agent’s desktop so launching a sharing session is as easy as clicking a button. It is a beautiful, low-effort engagement for the customer and the agent.
  • The popularity of WebRTC is growing. What is Glance’s position on WebRTC?

    WebRTC is a trendy video streaming technology. But video creates large files and so WebRTC can have performance issues at volumes experienced in large contact centers. Glance cobrowse leverages the Document Object Model (DOM). It is very low bandwidth and results in lightning-fast performance, for a beautiful customer experience. DOM also handles security and integration challenges where WebRTC stumbles.
  • What is meant by the term “Advisory Services” and how does it relate to the contact center?

    Glance clients are expanding the role of the contact center beyond simple problem/solution. Intuit, for example, has launched TurboTax Live™ (powered by Glance) where customers can pay extra to have a certified tax professional review their tax return to make sure they’ve done everything right. The right engagement platform can allow the contact center to offer “expertise on-demand,” opening up the opportunity to delight the customer, grow loyalty, and drive revenue for the enterprise.

Click below to listen to the full podcast.

A thorough discussion of the value and benefits of visual engagement can be found in “The Total Economic Impact™ of Glance Visual Engagement Platform Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Visual Engagement,” a study published by Forrester that provides the ROI on visual engagement.

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