Hey Sales – Your Constituents Would Like to See You Now!

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Hey sales teams, what do you call your constituents?

Customers? Members? Clients? Purchasers? Subscribers? Buyers? Applicants? Partners? Consumers? Adopters? Practitioners? Students? Visitors? Patients? Readers? Claimants? Patrons? Contributors? Vendors? Investors? Players? Policy holders? Stockholders? Stakeholders? Shoppers? Beneficiaries? Prospects? Users?

They’re all online, and they need your attention.

Hey Sales - Your Constituents Would Like to See You Now!

What label do you apply to your online constituents?

Each of the sales relationships implied by the audience identifiers above has aspects that are unique…and aspects that are universal. For instance, no matter which of the above labels best applies to your business, you do not want to prepend words like “angry,” “confused,” “frustrated,” or “disgruntled” to it.

Satisfaction and loyalty are the twin enablers of long-term revenue streams, follow-on business, and growth. That’s why they are key goals for any sales teams that interact with its constituents online to assist, facilitate, enroll, upsell, train, explain, or debrief.

Healthcare, financial services, multichannel ecommerce, education, and insurance are among the industries with special considerations that can make online interactions difficult. Challenges can include:

  • Protecting private information
  • Securing data at rest and in motion
  • Unraveling complex self-service procedures such as plan enrollments
  • Sorting out complicated business issues such as billing disputes
  • Fnding and providing important information in a timely manner

Constituents’ goals are specific, but collaboration is universal

No matter what industry you serve, when constituents seek you out online, they want to see you helping them accomplish their goals. Your agents and reps may communicate verbally, but they collaborate visually: moving the mouse, drawing guidelines and typing annotations, even entering information as your constituent watches what they are doing on his behalf. Actually seeing the friendly face of an expert assistant also helps create a bond of goodwill.

For example, using Glance visual engagement technology such as cobrowse, screen share, and one-way agent video:

  • Constant Contact improved its ability to resolve issues swiftly within a single call and deliver “wow” experiences.
  • Intuit’s experts gained the ability to see what their customers see and highlight areas to direct them, while one-way video created a unique person-to-person connection between them. According to a recent Forrester Research paper about visual engagement, in 2015, Intuit slashed support time by 50% while increasing customer satisfaction scores by 50%.
  • Glance for Salesforce has transformed the sales process at ConstructConnect, building a stronger sales process. With Glance, ConstructConnect reduced sales cycles by 60%, improved lead conversion rates by 40%, and increased volume of demos to new leads by 66%.
  • Agri-Services Agency (ASA) customers can resolve issues, discover new products, and get their questions answered with a single call. Glance’s cobrowse and screen sharing instantly connects customers, simplifies processes, and creates positive experiences.
  • Sales teams at Deluxe have felt a major impact on productivity. Quicker and easier online product demo sessions have shortened sales cycles considerably.
  • Applicants to online Trident University love the ease-of-use that drives successful student-staff interactions across all computer skill levels.

How sales cuts through clutter and connects emotionally

According to the Forrester Research paper about visual engagement (referenced above), “Companies are increasingly leveraging visual engagement — video, cobrowsing, screen sharing, and annotations — to cut through the customer conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to connect emotionally.” In other words, any company that does a good deal of its business online can save their customers time and effort with visual engagement technologies.

How far along is your sales team in its journey to full visual engagement with online constituents? You can move your business up the “constituent online collaboration” maturity curve with Glance cobrowsing, screen sharing and one-way agent video. Want to see how it works? Check out the video below.

Are you ready to discover how Glance visual engagement solutions can improve customer engagement and increase sales for your business?

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