3 Amazing Visual Engagement Stories You Need to Read Today

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Today’s businesses are faced with a challenge: how to stand out in the crowd. Customer service has become central in the quest to gain a competitive edge. Self-service is great to a certain extent, but those who really want to win are investing in a more personalized experience to close business faster and improve the customer experience. That’s where visual engagement solutions come into play.

Visual engagement is based around technologies such as cobrowse, one-way agent video, and screen share. These solutions enable organizations to bring personalization and understanding to customer interactions.

A recent Forrester Research report (Visual Engagement Drives Relationships and Revenue for Customer Service, May 5, 2017) defined visual engagement as follows:

Visual engagement solutions allow users to “cut through the conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to connect emotionally.”

When you can instantly see what your customers are viewing, you:

  • Reduce customer and agent effort
  • De-escalating customer service calls
  • Improve first call resolution rate
  • Guide customers through complex transactions
  • Improve metrics like Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score

But don’t take my word for it. Check out these amazing stories about how visual engagement transformed these businesses’ processes for the better.

3 Amazing Visual Engagement Stories You Need to Read Today - Glance Networks Cobrowsing, Screen Sharing, Agent Video

Intuit’s TurboTax

…we have the ability to have our experts see what the customer sees and highlight areas to help direct the customer. Our one-way video lets the customer connect the TurboTax expert they are speaking with. It’s been a gamechanger for Intuit. ~Stacie Herring, Director of Assisted Experience

Approximately 33 million taxpayers use digital technology to prepare their taxes, and Intuit’s TurboTax is the premier tool of choice.  That’s why TurboTax products have continuously ranked as the #1 selling tax software for more than 25 years.

With Glance’s visual engagement solutions, Intuit is making tax preparation and filing smoother for millions of TurboTax’s users. TurboTax is combining the on-demand help of a tax expert with real time collaboration (via cobrowsing and agent video). As a result, customers get a smarter, more personalized experience.

To begin with, Intuit rolled out the SmartLook capability to thousands of experts across 15 different locations. The business conducted more than one million customer interactions with dramatic results:

  • Improved Intuit’s Customer Resolution Rate by 10% Tweet: Visual engagement solutions helped improve Intuit’s Customer Resolution Rate by 10% http://bit.ly/2ozXKDw @glancenetworks
  • Increased Transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) by 18% Tweet: Visual Engagement Solutions Helped Raise Intuit's Transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) by 18% http://bit.ly/2ozXKDw via @glancenetworks
  • Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) by more than 15% Tweet: Visual engagement reduced Intuit's Average Handle Time (AHT) by more than 15% http://bit.ly/2oPG5pI via @glancenetworks

Ultimately, Intuit’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was higher than Uber, Google, and Microsoft Office.

Watch the video of Intuit’s amazing story here:

Discover How Intuit and Glance Partnered to Provide an Outstanding Customer Experience

Trident University

The technology is flawless,” said Kevin Yu, Senior Director of IT at Trident University. “We wanted a collaborative solution that is fully accessible to our student population. Glance Cobrowse offers unique, ease-of-use to a broad spectrum of computer users. The simplicity of this tool allows for successful student-staff interactions for computer users of all skills levels.”

Implementing Glance Cobrowse has raised application completion rates and increased applicant satisfaction positively for Trident University.

The student support team at Trident University is very satisfied with the enhanced level of interaction Glance Cobrowse provides for its applicants and admissions advisors. Trident’s IT group found:

  • Software implementation was straightforward
  • Coding customization was minimal
  • The rollout to the applicant pool was easy
  • Feedback from students has been very positive

Glance Cobrowse has enabled Trident University to grow application completion rates and raise applicant satisfaction positively.

Its performance has exceeded our expectations,” said Kevin Yu. “It’s the best we could ask for in a browser solution.”

Trident believes Glance’s uncomplicated one-platform cobrowse technology provides a significant competitive advantage in the active arena of online higher education providers. Engaging applicants smoothly throughout the enrollment process is vital to establishing enthusiasm for the entire online educational journey ahead.


As the winner of the 2017 SalesTech Award for Most Innovative SalesTech Company, we at Glance fully understand the challenges that sales teams face. Glance’s visual engagement solutions enable companies to deliver a truly amazing customer experience, allowing sales agents and their customers and prospects to work online together, sharing a view as if they were sitting side by side. With no download, business can create stronger, deeper customer relationships at the click of a button, while masking any sensitive data from view.

ConstructConnect has discovered this first-hand. Using Glance’s visual engagement solutions, the business has:

  • Reduced sales cycles by 60%
  • Improved lead conversion rates by 40%
  • Increased volume of demos to new leads by 66%

In addition to the hard ROI numbers mentioned above, other benefits include:

  • Reducing inside sales cost-per-close by improving the lead conversion rate
  • Reducing the marketing cost-per-close
  • Reducing the costs associated with its former demo system

All in all, ConstructConnect estimates that it achieved payback on its investment in Glance for Salesforce in just four months.

Read the full story here: Glance Networks’ Visual Engagement Solution at ConstructConnect.

Visual engagement brings quick ROI

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