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Build trust - and sell more coverage - with human CX in digital insurance

It’s never been easier to compare and switch insurance providers. In just a few clicks, they can see side-by-side comparisons and change providers. This makes the role of customer experience (CX) in insurance even more crucial. Let’s explore how prioritizing human-centered CX in insurance can not only foster trust and loyalty but also drive sales and revenue growth in a highly competitive industry.

2024 CX strategy planning

Saving the omnichannel experience with HX

In a world dominated by technology and automation, businesses have been racing to embrace the latest AI and digital solutions, making a connected, omnichannel customer experience. The goal is to enhance the customer journey, making it more efficient, convenient, and tailored to individual needs. But as Glance CEO Tom Martin pointed out during a recent discussion with a panel of CX experts, the human touch remains a vital aspect of customer interaction. According to PwC, 74% of customers still prefer interacting with real human beings despite the growing influence of technology. This highlights the significance of Human Experience (HX) in transforming the omnichannel customer experience.

2024 CX strategy planning

How AI is reshaping proactive customer engagement

Consumers have moved nearly every aspect of their lives to digital channels, causing CX leaders to reevaluate the end-to-end journey. Now, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) — especially generative AI — has further complicated this journey. But at the same time, it also promises opportunities for standout experiences to those who get strategic and organized. In this third installment of our Considerations for 2024 CX Strategy Planning series, we’ll examine a key trend shaping the CX landscape: the convergence of AI and proactive customer engagement. Here’s a look at how we got here, where we’re headed in 2024, challenges and considerations as we forge ahead — and why we should, in fact, forge ahead.

2024 CX strategy planning

Hyper-personalizing the customer experience in 2024

In the dynamic world of customer experience (CX), staying ahead of the curve is imperative. As we step into 2024, one strategy that continues to gain momentum and redefine the way businesses interact with their customers is hyper-personalization. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches; today's consumers demand tailored experiences that resonate with their individual needs and preferences. In this second installment of our Considerations for 2024 CX Strategy Planning series, we'll explore the growing significance of hyper-personalization and why it should be at the core of your CX strategy in 2024.

2024 CX strategy planning

Why omnichannel is key to 2024 CX success

We’re inching closer to 2024, and it’s time to dive into CX strategy plans for the year ahead. This month, we’re introducing a new series brimming with essential insights to supercharge your 2024 CX strategy. Our aim is to equip you with the indispensable trends and knowledge required for informed planning and the triumphant attainment of your business goals. In this first installment, it’s all about omnichannel. In 2024, it's abundantly clear that one of the key pillars of a successful CX strategy is the seamless integration of omnichannel experiences. Let’s explore why focusing on omnichannel is no longer just a choice but an imperative for businesses aiming to thrive in an era defined by digital transformation and customer-centricity.