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In a world dominated by technology and automation, businesses have been racing to embrace the latest AI and digital solutions, making a connected, omnichannel customer experience. The goal is to enhance the customer journey, making it more efficient, convenient, and tailored to individual needs. But as Glance CEO Tom Martin pointed out during a recent discussion with a panel of CX experts, the human touch remains a vital aspect of customer interaction. According to PwC, 74% of customers still prefer interacting with real human beings despite the growing influence of technology. This highlights the significance of Human Experience (HX) in transforming the omnichannel customer experience.

Who’s leading the customer journey?

In today’s digital world, the customers are the ones driving the journey. They explore various channels, from web searches to website visits, seeking self-discovery. The omnichannel customer experience is table stakes in 2023, as 80% of customers prefer an omnichannel offering. This self-guided journey is like a "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) project, with customers navigating different touchpoints and channels as they work toward their goals.

However, there’s a risk of deflection. This constant switching between channels can be challenging for customers. They face interruptions and deflections along the way, creating opportunities for them to abandon their journeys. Interacting with your brand can easily become like a labyrinth. The ease of use and effectiveness of digital solutions are critical to ensuring that customers stay engaged.

Human Experience (HX): Shifting from DIY to "Do It Together"

As customers evolve and become more digitally savvy, their needs change. While they initially sought assistance and guidance in using digital tools, they now look for advice and recommendations. They want to know which options best suit their specific needs. This shift in customer expectations emphasizes the importance of bridging the gap between the digital and human worlds.

Just because we’re connecting digitally doesn’t mean we can’t connect personally. For example, companies like Intuit, known for their tax software, recognized that while many individuals are comfortable doing their taxes, the complexity of tax codes and life changes often creates a need for professional assistance. To address this, they introduced TurboTax Live, transforming their business from a software company into a trusted partner in the tax-filing process. They offer expert guidance and the option to connect with a tax professional throughout the DIY tax-filing journey. The tax expert can see what the customer sees, highlight areas to direct them, and provide personalized, one-on-one support in a digital environment. This was a game-changer that led to outstanding results:

  • Differentiated user experience
  • 10% improvement in case resolution rate
  • 18 point increase, NPS
  • 7/5 stars out of thousands of reviews

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Enhancing human interaction with predictive AI

Incorporating predictive AI into the customer journey is another crucial aspect of delivering a seamless experience. Predictive AI can help businesses anticipate when and where customers may require human assistance. This AI layer can analyze the customer's journey, identifying points of friction or challenge, and proactively offer human interaction when it will have the most significant impact.

The customer journey is rarely linear, and having a well-designed predictive AI layer can ensure that the right human intervention occurs at the right moment. This approach minimizes frustration and improves conversion rates.

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Competing against the last best experience

In the modern market, companies are not just competing against their direct competitors. Instead, they are competing against their customers' "last best experience." The bar is set high by companies that offer incredibly streamlined and efficient customer interactions. Customers expect the same level of convenience and speed in all their engagements, whether it's purchasing a product or applying for a mortgage.

By blending the human and digital aspects of the customer experience and leveraging AI effectively, businesses can determine when and where a human touch will be most instructive and beneficial. This can significantly impact completion and conversion rates, ultimately driving revenue.

The bottom line: The digital and human worlds need to work in harmony

The Human Experience (HX) remains a fundamental factor in shaping the omnichannel customer experience. While technology and automation have their place in streamlining processes, they should not come at the expense of deflecting customers to bots. The key is to understand and respond to the evolving needs and preferences of customers, offering assistance, guidance, and the human touch where it matters most. By embracing a holistic approach that combines the best of both the digital and human worlds, businesses can transform the customer experience and stay ahead in a competitive market driven by the last best experience.

Learn more about tapping into the potential of the omnichannel customer experience. Watch the webinar to explore omnichannel best practices for a CX strategy that forges a stronger bond with your customers and prospects.

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