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Customer Service

First Contact Resolution Explained

It’s an immutable fact: no matter how incredible your product or service is – you’re going to have customers reaching out with issues.

Customer Service

Customer service vs customer experience – what’s the difference?

The terms “customer service” and “customer experience” are sometimes used interchangeably. While they’re connected, they’re not the same, and it’s important to understand the differences and how each can help propel your business forward.

Customer Service

The pitfalls of superficial CX intentions (and why agent experience matters)

Most businesses talk a big game on CX. Wander the halls between the back office and the boardroom and you’ll likely hear variations on the same prevailing wisdom:

Customer Service

“Empathy” has become a CX buzzword, but customers aren’t feeling it

Being able to see things from the customer’s perspective is foundational to creating great customer experiences (CX).


The broken feedback loop that creates CX blindspots (and how to close it)

Here’s a tough question: what do your prospects and customers really think about your customer experience (CX)? What does it actually feel like to engage with your business?


Grow Customer Satisfaction by Practicing Respect

If you respect your customers, they are more likely to respond positively to you and you will increase customer satisfaction.


10 Ways to Use Customer Service to Say Thanks to Your Customers

There are many reasons for businesses to be thankful to their customers during Thanksgiving, over the holiday season, and throughout the year. Being grateful to your customers should be a central point in your customer service training.

Customer Service

Customer Experience Lessons from Buddy the Elf

Wouldn’t it be great if all customers were like Buddy, the naive character played by Will Ferrell in the popular holiday movie “Elf“? All customer experiences would be completely perfect, as demonstrated in this scene where Buddy stumbles on “The World’s Best Coffee.” Even though the coffee being offered in the clip is clearly sub-par, the sign next to it says it’s the “World’s Best”, so Buddy thinks it must be. It’s a customer service agent’s dream.

Customer Service

10 Stunning Customer Experience Facts

Wondering if investing in creating a great customer experience is worth it? I can tell you from a personal point of view that I’m more likely to purchase from a company that offers me a fantastic customer experience. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’d pay more for something if I knew it was going to be an above average experience, and I’d both bring repeat business and recommend the company to my friends.