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Customer Service

Ten Quotes to Inspire You to Amp Up Customer Experience

As Tom Martin, Glance CEO, said in his epic blog post, we are migrating from customer service to customer care.

Customer Service

Customer Care: Get Pissed Off!

Change is hard. This is no less true in customer care than it is in any other aspect of life.

Customer Service

Top Three Ways Companies Are Changing to Meet Customers’ Requirements

Customers are still human beings. Sometimes, in this day and age of mountains of data, it’s easy for companies to lose track of that seemingly obvious fact.

Customer Service

Are your customer service agents better than my smartphone?

Part of my job is to research customer service, online commerce, and the ongoing technology investment required for retailers to make the jump from offline to online. You see it everywhere from customer service agents to the customers themselves – we’re truly on the verge of amazing change.

Customer Service

How the pandemic has changed digital customer experience for good

The pandemic has been a driving force for change in the way we live, work, and interact with one another. Customer expectations have drastically changed, and brands must step up to meet the need or risk being left behind.

Customer Service

What a Customer Effort Score Is All About

There’s no one ingredient to cultivating customer loyalty. But a lot of it comes down to a simple question: “How hard are you making them work for what they want?”

Customer Service

Empathy: the Heart of Digital CX

You don’t know much about the person visiting your website. With all of the hours we spend on market research — understanding customer needs and preferences and pain points — it’s easy to forget that. But inevitably, we only end up with a portrait of the people we want to engage with — and most of the time, that template rarely fits to the actual, unique individuals that are our customers. Why does this matter? Because that gap between customer persona and real person can be a big one. Companies that forget there’s a difference can end up selling to the persona and missing the biggest opportunity in digital: making the whole experience feel human. And succeeding there starts with empathy.

Customer Service

10 Ways to Exceed Expectations in Customer Service

Customers crave friendly, informed service. I know this, because I’ve worked the front lines in Glance Network’s customer service department. The relationship I have with our customers is of the highest importance to me. That attitude is reflected in the rave reviews we’ve gotten from our customers in return.

Customer Service

Why Customer Centricity Delivers Great Customer Experiences

With everything going on over the last three years, you may have missed it—but the “digital customer experience” is now basically the entire customer experience. And that’s catching some companies off guard.