Twilio SIGNAL “Flexed” on Customer Engagement, and We’re Pumped

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The Glance product and development teams attended Twilio’s customer and developer conference, SIGNAL, in late October.  Being one of those attendees and responsible for our product integration ecosystem, I walked away incredibly impressed and excited about the future of our partnership, Twilio integration, and the combined impact we can make for our joint customers. 

Twilio showcased how cloud communications continue to impact the world, from serving customers remotely during the pandemic to using technology to respond to social justice issues. They announced several new initiatives aligned with their mission to “fuel the future of communications,” including Twilio Engage, the latest addition to the customer engagement platform, and Flextensions — turnkey solutions built on Twilio’s Flex platform.

Twilio Customer Engagement Platform

Big announcements included an expanded partnership with Twilio and ServiceNow

Another piece of exciting news for Glance was the partnership announcement between ServiceNow and Twilio. Levering the Twilio platform, ServiceNow is launching the ServiceNow Messaging Service, allowing organizations to purchase SMS and WhatsApp directly from ServiceNow, making it easier to quickly integrate popular messaging platforms with ServiceNow workflows. 

Glance for ServiceNow provides IT Service Management (ITSM) or intranet portal users the ability to join or start Glance sessions directly from a ServiceNow form, so they can see exactly what the user sees. 

Flexing our Twilio integration

Being one of the first partners on the Twilio Flex platform, we also set up shop with a virtual booth to talk about how Glance adds visual engagement to the Twilio Flex omnichannel experience. In case you missed us at the booth, our integration allows Twilio Flex agents to initiate rich human-to-human interactions with digitally engaged customers with just one click. Glance works across all major browsers on desktop computers (PC or Mac) and mobile devices (Android or iOS) and needs no software downloads. Twilio Flex customers start a Glance session from the channels they already use today: Twilio chat, SMS, WhatsApp, etc., and can customize the Glance experience within their Flex agent desktop, i.e.,  window display location in the React Tree and session initiation. 

Twilio Flex with Glance Guided CX Mobile

Throughout the event, it was clear that Twilio is on a mission to bring together people, processes, and partners to powerful customer experiences in the upcoming quarters. We are happy to be adding that human element into Flex digital engagements. 

We’ll see you next year at SIGNAL. In the meantime – we can’t wait to see what Twilio builds!

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