Using Customer Experience to Make Online Insurance a Breeze

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Here’s the introduction to Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s LinkedIn profile, and it’s the truth:

“A while back we realized something. Somewhere between the carbon copy and the fax machine, travel insurance had given up. It stopped looking for new ways to make giving and getting help easier. It forgot that helping people is what travel insurance is all about.”


According to Salesforce at Dreamforce 2015, 74% of insurance customers get contacted multiple times for the same information. Total frustration! Yes, customer experience is trending downward in insurance. And 65% of the time, dissatisfied claimers will switch carriers.

So the question becomes, can that bad reputation be turned around?

Insurance – it’s time for a change

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection thinks so. The company’s goal is to deliver the experience customers want through transparent, real-time claims; mobility; and omnichannel customer service. Berkshire Hathaway Travel protection has recognized that insurance companies have a few big goals to achieve, including:

  • Offer a seamless, cross-channel dialogue with customers
  • Supercharge agents with the right tools
  • Provide excellent customer service at scale

No small task, it’s true. But according to Josh Jandrain, Vice President of Innovation at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, the company is up to the challenge.

During the Dreamforce session, “Effortless Insurance – Crushing it with Customer Experience,” Josh explained that for insurance, the best way to gain a competitive edge is by providing a stellar customer experience. And how can that be improved? By using digital channels to make the claims process as simple as possible.

The digitalization of insurance is happening right now, and the insurance industry should embrace it. Customers expect transparent, personalized, intelligent experiences, and with the use of the right customer experience tools, insurance companies can achieve those goals.  Here are a few steps that Josh recommends to get you started on the path to success:

  • Focus on mobile – so many customers use it these days
  • Intelligently reach out to customers based on data from multiple sources
  • Offer personalized assistance on the channels your customers prefer
  • Provide a more immediate response to issues
  • Deliver a measurable outcome

Want to see how Berkshire Hathaway Travel protection does it? Check out this video:


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