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Customizing Glance 

Create standout customer experiences

Your customer experiences can – and should – be as unique as your offerings, which is why Glance provides administrator capabilities and developer toolkits to ensure your teams can tailor every Guided Customer Experience you offer to be as unique as your brand. 
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Any employee desktop solution

Glance is designed to overlay the technology you’ve already invested in, allowing your company representatives to click a single button inside their existing CRM or CCaaS solution to launch a Glance session. Glance works with your current voice solution and IVR / Call Center Routing technologies. 

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Salesforce Integration

Administrator control for in-brand experiences

Your in-house Glance Administrator can easily customize colors, fonts, logos, language, and wording to match your brand. Representatives’ access to Glance features is also customizable with robust, easy-to-assign role-based features for your employees.  


Developer tools to build it your way

APIs provide open access so your teams can design custom experiences inside your third party applications, integrate in new ways with your existing employee desktop solutions, and create workflows that benefit your customers’ unique digital journeys.  And Glance’s powerful Mobile SDK provides for fully in-brand Mobile App Sharing functionality at your customers’ fingertips, inside your mobile app.

Mobile App Share

Glance is compliance-friendly

Glance is deployed across large enterprises in industries with stringent requirements for security and privacy, including leading global financial companies, insurance providers, tax and financial software companies, and government agencies. Masking and role-based controls are easy for Glance administrators to assign. 

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Trust & Security

How Glance Works

Glance pioneered, refined, and then patented the modern, secure, DOM-based cobrowsing experience used today by leading global brands. DOM-based cobrowsing is the most computationally efficient option, and the most bandwidth-friendly option: meaning minimal lag time for the best possible visual display for agents and customers. It works on any browser, and it offers comprehensive controls for privacy and security compliance. Glance does not rely on proxy servers - meaning there is no opportunity created for “man in the middle” attacks - it never captures or caches customer data, and data is always encrypted, always “in motion” and never at rest, making it the most secure cobrowse option available today. 

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Glance works alongside and complements AI and bots

More and more enterprises are including artificial intelligence and bot solutions as part of their customer contact strategy. At Glance we believe it is important to map your customer journeys and all points of connection with customers. Develop a strategy for the points where customer interaction can be adequately handled by bots and where awesome human contact is required.


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