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Creating authentic human connections in a digital world

Glance CEO Tom Martin recently had a conversation with Yanique Grant on episode 201 of the podcast “Navigating the Customer Experience.” Tom and Yanique dove deep into the world of technology, customer experience, and empathy and shared valuable insights on how technology can help foster empathy, enhance customer experiences, and streamline business processes. Listen to the episode below, or keep reading for highlights from the discussion. Creating Authentic Customer Connections in a Digital World: The Power of Integrating Empathy and Technology with Tom Martin
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Personalizing the digital banking experience with Guided CX

In today's digital world, customers crave banking experiences that feel tailor-made, just for them and their financial journey. But here's the thing: personalizing banking isn't quite like personalizing your online shopping cart. They’re not just buying a pair of shoes, they’re often making a life-changing decision — think mortgages or small business loans. These aren’t “just transactions.” They’re opportunities to establish and build solid customer relationships. And that level of trust and support can’t come from a chatbot. Are you ready for the secret ingredient to personalized digital banking experiences? Here’s a hint: You already have it. Humans. The skilled advisors on your team. They’re the key to creating highly personalized interactions within the digital banking space. Think about it. When faced with a major decision or confusing processes, even the best website isn’t going to give you peace of mind. You need the face of a trusted advisor. And it’s in these moments that Guided CX can step in to help create deeper connections with customers.
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The human factor: Redefining customer experience in a digital world

In today's digital-first world, businesses are increasingly focused on providing exceptional Customer Experience (CX) to gain a competitive edge. With countless tools and channels at their disposal, companies strive to create seamless interactions that cater to their tech-savvy customers. While the digital-first approach has brought numerous benefits, it's crucial not to overlook the significance of human interaction in delivering an outstanding customer experience (CX). Renowned customer service and CX expert Shep Hyken recently interviewed Glance CEO Tom Martin on Amazing Business Radio to explore the role human interaction plays in today’s landscape. Listen to the full podcast episode here, or keep reading for a synopsis of the insightful conversation.
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Digital Banking: The Surging Importance of CX

Digital banking has been around for decades, but it has never been hotter, and it has never been more critical to the success of financial services companies.
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Adding the human touch to FinServ digital transformation

Glance was proud to sponsor Finovate Fall 2019 last week at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square New York. We talked to many financial executives after our demo and at our booth who are tackling the challenge of digital transformation. Here are a couple of themes that came up again and again:
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Bringing human CX to digital spaces

About this talk When it comes to helping customers meet their goals in your digital spaces, nothing beats real human connections. Glance connects your agents with your customers, face to face and right in your company’s website or app, as a seamless part of your digital customer journey.
Jill Newberg Ron Scott
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Transforming customer experience: Why visual engagement is key

About this talk More than half of companies have or will have a formal CX transformation project underway this year. Among the many initiatives, organizations are leveraging visual engagement applications (video, screen-sharing, and co-browsing) to their customer interaction options.
Robin Gareiss
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Level up your CX in 2023: Metrics for ROI success

About this talk Level up your CX measurement in 2023. As the pressure to prove the ROI of your CX strategy intensifies, it’s more important than ever to be confident that your programs are set up to deliver. Join guest speaker Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, for this webinar to help you and your team look at customer journey mapping with fresh eyes. You’ll leave with practical, actionable steps to recast your CX metrics and KPIs - so that you can head into 2023 set up for ROI success.
Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian
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Effortless digital transformation: Leading with process & technology

About this talk KT Ellis, Senior IT Product Manager at Dutchie, knows CX. They have 10+ years of experience implementing and optimizing customer experience processes and systems across enterprises.
KT Ellis
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Turn smartphones into sales and service accelerators with Mobile Camera Share

About this talk When your customers or on-site technicians need to verify information or have difficulty troubleshooting equipment, a simple live stream from their mobile device can keep the interaction progressing to a successful conclusion.
Heather Nightingale Keith Basara
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Case Studies

How Constant Contact transforms service centers with Glance

How Constant Contact uses Glance Constant Contact, a SaaS-based email marketing solution company, has always placed a high value on customer care. They recognize that happy and successful customers are loyal customers, and that each touch point provides an opportunity to deepen the customer relationship. Constant Contact has used Glance since 2005. Customer support agents can launch a sharing session with one click, view the customer’s screen, instantly understand the problem, and guide them to a speedy solution. Glance sessions are proven to drive measurably higher First Call Resolution (FCR) and higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores. In 2016, Constant Contact began an initiative to take advantage of these high CSAT moments. They realized that customer support calls with a positive outcome — and the resultant spike in CSAT — represented a perfect opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell related products and services to happy customers. Agent KPIs now include recommending up-sell options, acceptance rate, and revenue contribution. A multi-pronged approach To breathe life into this initiative, Constant Contact embarked on a comprehensive strategy that incorporated in-depth training combined with innovative technology. The company’s service agents were taught to identify which customer interactions were, indeed, sales opportunities and, of those, which were appropriate for up-selling products and consulting services. Along with its focus on training and data analytics, Constant Contact understood it needed to implement robust technology that would enable its agents to elevate the level of personal service they could deliver. Delivering exceptional service leads to the “high-CSAT moments” to which Kenny refers. These are perfect moments for up-selling. The company consulted its long-time partner and industry leader in visual engagement solutions, Massachusetts-based Glance Networks. The idea was to understand how Glance can help Constant Contact leverage its co-browse and screen share capabilities — which have demonstrably increased its CSAT scores — to convert customer touch points into revenue opportunities.
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Large bank delights customers by bringing the human touch to their digital experience

Taking the in-branch experience digital Amid the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown in 2020, safe social distancing measures meant moving the in-branch experience to the digital environment for both bankers and customers. Loan officers and tellers had to transition their interactions from in-person to online. The need for innovation became the “Aha” moment for leaders in the Omnichannel and Online Strategy departments. They quickly decided to empower their in-branch tellers and business banking teams with visual engagement tools such as cobrowse and screen share. With one simple click of a button, business banking team members were able to join customers in the online application and help small businesses file for Payroll Protection Program (PPP) government loans. Glance Agent Video was added to the mix. Agent video lets the customer see a live video stream of the bank staff member who is helping them with their digital transaction. An omnichannel approach to the online banking experience Bankers and service reps in the call center are able to instantly launch Glance Cobrowse sessions to join the customer in the browser, see the web page, and guide customer navigation. By creating an omnichannel approach to their online banking experience, this large bank was able to retain current customers and focus on the growth of new customers. Their high-touch “do it with me” approach with cobrowse and screen share has helped bank staff to provide real-time assistance to retail customers and small businesses as they navigate through the app. Glance’s visual engagement tools were a part of their PPP strategy, which provided over seven billion dollars in loans.
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Glance Makes Customer Consultations Less Taxing for Intuit

Anyone who has ever filed a tax return on their own can sympathize with being stuck and confused. But taxpayers who use TurboTax® from Intuit experience a level of hands-on collaboration that can change everything. The tax preparation software market is crowded with low-cost and free competitors. Intuit is determined to win and keep customers based on premium service and customer confidence that Intuit is helping them to receive the maximum allowable tax refund.
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ConstructConnect used Glance to build a sales process with a better pipeline.

Software demos are a key element of the selling process for ConstructConnect Software demos are a key element of the selling process for ConstructConnect, a leading software provider to the construction industry.
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How top banks are driving customer loyalty by personalizing digital banking experiences

Download the eBook to learn how banks are using Guided CX to:
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Does your CX have a human connection gap?

We’re living in an age of hyper-normalized digital convenience. Customers expect every online interaction to involve a frictionless, self-service, end-to-end journey – all taken from the comfort of their couches.
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Guided CX in mobile apps: Best practices with Glance

Can you name one communications channel that’s seldom, if ever, out of arm’s reach? Used 3.5 – 5.5 hours per day? Preferred by nearly 2/3 of us to engage with websites?
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Do or die digital banking

This eBook includes:
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Best practices in CX measurement

Glance offers guided customer experience solutions that let your representatives join your customers face to face — inside your website or app — right at their moment of need.
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Best practices in CX measurement

Improve customer experience in your digital spaces. Download the infographic to learn:
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Salespeople and demo technicians love Glance because it is simple, easy, fast, and reliable. Sales leadership loves Glance because of the automatic KPI capture in the CRM and the ability to inspect the sales process. Everyone loves the results: close business faster, for more revenue.
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"We have the ability to have our experts see what the customer sees and highlight areas to help direct the customer. Our one-way video lets the customer connect the TurboTax expert they are speaking with. It’s been a game changer for Intuit."


Stacie Herring

Director of Assisted Experience at Intuit

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"We’re able to jump right into whatever issue the customer may be facing and provide real-time guidance as opposed to trying to make them describe what they see on the screen."


Jonathan Crane

Senior VP, Centers of Excellence for Axos Bank


"Enabling lenders to see what the customer is seeing in the digital environment and offer guidance and personalized service as needed through Glance cobrowsing is incredibly valuable."


Amy Brandt

President and CEO of Docutech

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