Deploying Glance Step #1: Communicating the Value of Visual Engagement to Your Company

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Glance has been delivering visual engagement solutions since 2000. In the past two decades, we’ve learned a best practice or two about deploying technology solutions into the enterprise.

This is the first blog of a 3-part series dedicated to best practices in deployment that my Customer Success team members use to ensure our clients experience a smooth adoption experience and rapid ROI.

First let’s focus on evangelizing. Here are 3 tips for sharing the vision and motivating the troops to work hard and embrace the change that comes with the roll-out of any enterprise technology.

Tip #1. Display executive commitment

Glance is a cool product to use for customers and for the enterprise employees who are delivering service to those customers! But enterprises adopt Glance because it drives tangible business benefits. The future users of Glance (and the staff charged with rolling it out) ought to be told about that!

You can read more about the business benefits driven by Glance in this report from Forrester Research but here are a few:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Greater customer loyalty and lifetime customer value
  • Increased operational efficiency and lower cost in the contact center
  • Higher sales and transaction conversion rates
  • More successful digital and mobile initiatives

With a list of benefits like that, it is not difficult for a senior executive to tie Glance to the corporate mission statement or annual list of key initiatives.

Glance has seen best results achieved by clients who have displayed strong commitment at the highest level. C-level and VP-level champions should issue statements and host meetings about the importance of Glance. Displays of executive-level commitment can do a lot to ensure successful deployment.

Tip #2. Galvanize the managers of frontline workers

Good communication starts at the top, but it shouldn’t end there. Communicating change should permeate throughout the organization. Managers of frontline workers should pick up where senior executives have left off. They should continue to communicate to staff about the changes to the workflow that are underway. How will adoption of Glance help to achieve departmental and personal KPIs such as revenue, quotas, and operational efficiency? These benefits go a long way to ensuring full realization of comp plans, departmental goal achievement, and employment stability. 

Another less-appreciated benefit of Glance is its ability to increase employee satisfaction. Frontline workers are often working directly with customers who are stressed, unhappy, and desperate for guidance. Glance lets frontline workers digitally engage with customers in an intimate and human way, to solve problems more quickly. Customers love that, and so do the frontline workers. Frontline workers who are empowered to transform customer frustration into satisfying, brand-building experiences are happier employees. Their mood is infectious and their happiness spreads to customers and colleagues. Happy employees stay in their jobs longer, preserving institutional knowledge, enriching the corporate culture, and reducing the cost of employee churn such as recruiting and training replacement staff. 

Departmental managers who embrace change, grasp the benefits, and effectively communicate to their teams experience the best results.

Tip #3. Document end user FAQs

The end users who will use Glance each day will have questions, and they are fairly predictable. Anticipate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and document them for easy access for all. They will include:

  • What is Glance?
  • How will it change my workflow?
  • What are the business benefits we expect to derive from Glance?
  • Under what specific circumstances will I be expected to use Glance?
  • What is the timeline of deployment with key milestones identified?
  • How will I get training and technical support?

Brainstorm some other likely questions for the FAQ, and be sure to document questions from employees as they come in.

Glance Can Help You Develop Your Communications Plan

Glance has experience in designing effective rollout communications plans. Our team will work directly with you to help prepare and refine your communications strategy.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in this series that will discuss how establishing Glance Champions and incentives can have a positive impact on the adoption of Glance.

If you would like to learn more and discuss with Glance Customer Success how to improve adoption for your team, visit the Customer Success web page, or email

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