Glance for Salesforce: The power duo

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Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Tacos and Tuesdays. Some things just go better together — like Salesforce and Glance.

Salesforce is the #1 CRM for sales and service. Glance is the highest-rated cobrowse solution in the Salesforce AppExchange. Combined, these two solutions bring the power of “the back of the house” together with the power of human connections at “the front of the house” to create a rockin’ customer experience. House party!

Differentiating your brand’s CX in a sea of similar digital experiences is challenging. And it’s critical. If you have Salesforce, you have powerful data and insights at your fingertips. Glance for Salesforce adds the human touch to take your CX to the next level so you can reach your customers and prospects at the right moments and have a meaningful impact thanks to genuine human connection.

Here’s how brands create meaningful differentiation, boost loyalty and drive revenue with Glance for Salesforce.

Glance adds the power of human connection to Salesforce — in one click

Glance for Salesforce enables representatives to build deeper trust with their customers and provide more personal support through the power of human connection. Representatives can digitally “join” customers in a Glance session from any:

  • Salesforce Lead
  • Person Account
  • Opportunity
  • Contact
  • Case
  • Campaign Object
  • Or, join from Salesforce Chat!

It’s more than a screenshare. It transforms “do it yourself” into “let’s do it together” in a collaborative and secure environment. It’s easy for the representative, and for the customer — no download required, ever. Watch the 90-second video below to see how it works.


Glance removes friction from the customer and the representative experience

Optimizing CX means reducing friction — finding the “sticky” points where your customers are getting frustrated or stuck and solving for them.

Less friction means happier, and more loyal, customers.

Glance removes friction by helping close the digital divide. Through visual engagement like cobrowsing and video chat, everyone can get on the same page quickly and effectively, transforming frustration into ease.

This isn’t only good for the customer, it’s good for the representative on the other side of Salesforce, too. We know that the agent experience (AX) matters, and significantly impacts CX. When representatives have a clearer understanding of their customer/prospect’s experience, they’re more empowered to do their job better and more efficiently.

Glance personalizes the entire customer journey

Glance for Salesforce personalizes the entire customer journey.

  • Virtual training and onboarding
  • Guided issue resolution
  • Consultative transactions
  • Expertise and advice
  • Ongoing advisory services
  • Personalized sales engagements

Building meaningful connections in a digital and AI-driven age can be challenging, but it’s more important than ever. At every touchpoint, with Glance you can meet customers in a seamless, in-brand experience that’s immersive and one-of-a-kind.

Download the eBook: Salesforce retail industry insider

How brands are leveraging Glance for Salesforce

Glance for Salesforce can be used to add the human touch in the Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Salesforce Service Cloud

When customers have questions about your products or services, they conduct research online, self-diagnose problems, and engage with your agents for answers — all digitally. With Glance guided CX, your team can see and resolve issues alongside customers instantly and effortlessly, resulting in reduced attrition, improved customer satisfaction, and better brand loyalty — all from within the service cloud.

“Glance integrated with Salesforce has improved our ability to resolve issues swiftly within a single call and deliver even more ‘wow’ experiences.” – Partner Implementation Manager, Constant Contact

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Built for today’s socially-fueled, mobile buyer, Glance allows sales teams to drive sales interactions beyond one-dimensional phone conversations and text-driven chat. Propel your customers’ sales

experience forward with dynamic product demonstrations, co-shopping experiences, and real-time assistance to complete transactions. Leverage Glance to increase conversion rates, build qualified pipeline, and close more business — without ever leaving the sales cloud.

“Glance has improved the experience of our customers tremendously.” – Glance review in the Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce Community Cloud

Using Glance’s Lightning component, you can collaborate directly with resellers, distributors, partners, and customers. Glance empowers you to guide visitors to the information they need. Share a real-time view with agencies, suppliers, vendors or any other member of your business ecosystem. Connect visually with patients, students, alumni, retail locations, job applicants, or anyone else critical to your business success — directly from the community cloud.

“I would give it 6/5 stars for the experience it gives us and our users.” – Glance review in the Salesforce AppExchange

Ready to learn more about how Glance for Salesforce can take your CX to the next level? Watch our webinar to see it in action and explore how this power duo can help you deliver meaningful experiences.

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