Glance Networks Interview with TMC at 2020 ITExpo

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Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks, attended ITEXPO 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this February to speak on two panels. Tom had the opportunity to speak with Rich Tehrani, Editor-in-Chief at TMC, which runs the trade show and also publishes Customer Magazine. They discussed various topics related to Glance’s Visual Engagement platform.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the conversation:

  • What is new with Glance in 2020?

    Tom explained that Glance is more focused on the enterprise space than ever before. The Glance Visual Engagement Platform, which consists of Screen Share, Cobrowse, and Agent Video, allows enterprises to see, show, and share anything instantly. Glance helps enterprises deliver a premium customer experience to drive revenue, drive transaction completion rates, and to ultimately improve the lifetime value of the customer.

  • Field masking and other sophisticated Glance capabilities for enterprise clients

    Glance is focused on the financial services space where privacy and security compliance are top of mind. We have field masking that prevents an agent or advisor from seeing PII like social security numbers. Our Glance sessions are encrypted and they are never “at rest” or stored so it is relatively easy for us to pass a financial services SECOPS review. Learn more about Glance’s security and privacy compliance qualifications here

  • How does Glance impact customer satisfaction?

    When product features, and price are commoditized, enterprises want to be able to differentiate based on customer experience. Glance enables our clients to gain a competitive edge by delivering a superior customer experience. Customers such as Intuit TurboTax and Axos Bank have seen an increase in CSAT and Transactional Net Promoter Scores (tNPS) for service calls that include a Glance session, resulting in higher customer loyalty and revenue.

  • How does artificial intelligence (AI) affect what Glance does?

    AI has its limitations. Matters that are highly complex, or require empathy require a human response. That’s where Glance shines. Glance can run alongside AI to support the entire digital customer journey. For example, a customer may start with AI, such as chatbots or knowledge bases. Usually, simpler issues are resolved in this self-service digital environment. If a customer has a more complex or technical issue, they can be escalated to a human-to-human interaction with the help of Glance. Artificial intelligence can supply the agent with important information such as where the customer has been on the company’s website, what products they own, and what additional products might be the best match for them, and what levels of support they have already been through. With support from AI and then by implementing Glance at the human-to-human level, the agent is more informed to deliver the best outcome.

  • Can you tell us a little bit more about how Glance’s technology works on mobile devices?

    We have a mobile SDK. You can embed Glance into any mobile app. It also works in mobile web browsers. Glance Mobile App Sharing allows agents to join customers where they are in-the-moment. For example, with Intuit TurboTax, if a customer is on their phone doing their taxes, they can click and make a voice call directly from the app, connect with an agent, and then the agent can turn on Agent Video which basically shows the friendly face of the agent to the customer in the app via live video feed. This provides an opportunity for the agent to de-escalate what otherwise could be a very stressful customer engagement, and guide them through the transaction on the screen so that the customer can easily complete and submit their taxes in the app.

  • What does the future hold for Glance?

    First, we are starting to see much broader customer adoption of our mobile app sharing product as more of our clients are going mobile-first Second, we are also expanding our penetration in the financial services market where we are building out capabilities for digital banking, digital lending, and investment management.

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