How to bring human CX to digital spaces

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Customers are craving human connection. According to a recent global survey from PWC, 75% of customers want to connect with a person more as technology improves. And while there’s definitely an important place for FAQs, self-help articles, and chatbots — throwing technology at every problem fails to give customers that human connection they want.

Two-thirds of companies are competing on customer experience today, making it more important than ever to create standout experiences. Is your CX lacking human connection? Here are some ways to bring human CX to digital spaces.

Allow your agents to be human

When your customers are talking to a human agent, they want a human interaction. By now consumers are accustomed to chatbots, but most would prefer to wait for an agent. The human connection is powerful, but some companies aren’t empowering their agents to have authentic interactions.

Overly-scripted, canned responses can turn your human agents into robots. And while there’s definitely a place for robots, it’s not in your call center. Chatbots can boost efficiency and enable your agents to focus on more complex tasks, but once an issue gets to an agent, it should feel like a human experience.

Train and empower your customer service agents, and give them the ability and trust to do their job and do it well! In today’s digital world, your customers will find a dose of authenticity refreshing.

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Meet customers where they are, digitally

Today’s customers want, and demand, ease. They don’t want to seek out assistance — they expect you to be there when and where needed.

Glance connects your agents to your customers where they are, when it matters most:

  • Moments of decision, which could make-or-break the relationship
  • Major purchases
  • Confusing, emotional, or highly personal transactions, such as in healthcare or wealth management

It’s in these moments that a genuine, human connection can have the greatest impact on the customer experience.

Whether customers are on your website or mobile app, Glance’s Guided CX solutions give customers that human connection they want, while empowering agents to provide more effective, efficient, and personalized service. There’s nothing customers need to download, making it a frictionless experience.

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Infuse human CX throughout the customer journey

Where in the digital customer journey does human CX belong? In short, anywhere. Selling and buying. Training and onboarding. Service and support. Glance’s customers have leveraged our Guided CX solutions to achieve measurable improvements at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


See what the customer is seeing, live. Glance Cobrowse gives your agents the ability to truly join the customer to answer questions, offer consultation, and guide them at critical moments. Our cobrowse also has a video option which is a powerful and engaging component of the Glance experience.

Screen share and mobile app share

Agents easily share screens with customers – or pass them the control – with one click. You can also quickly and easily switch between cobrowse and screen share, with no downloads.

Mobile camera share

See your customer and what they’re seeing. Glance’s mobile camera share enables you to harness the mobile camera for remote troubleshooting, diagnosis, or visual verification.

It’s time to get on the same page as your customers. Bringing human CX to your digital spaces can delight customers, empower agents, and transform the enterprise. Watch the webinar at Bright Talk to learn more. Or better yet, request a demo to see how Glance can help set your brand apart.

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