Human connection is the common denominator for bridging digital CX and traditional call center support

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Customer expectations are higher than ever. People want quick, efficient, and personalized support, regardless of whether they're interacting with a digital platform or calling a traditional contact center. Unfortunately, many contact centers still face significant challenges that hinder their ability to meet these demands. 

The stakes are high and the competition is fierce: two-thirds of companies are now competing on customer experience. The combination of digital tools and a strong human connection can set a company apart. Let's explore the current state of contact centers, the potential of digital customer experience (CX) solutions, and how human connection remains the vital link between the two.

The current state of contact centers

Contact centers today face challenges: legacy systems and processes that aren’t in line with customer preferences and needs.

Limited availability

Traditional contact centers typically operate within fixed hours. This means that outside of these times, customers can’t access support, leading to potential delays and dissatisfaction. Imagine needing help late at night or early in the morning only to find that you have to wait. Frustrating!

Manual processes

Many contact centers rely on manual processes to handle customer inquiries and issues. While this can work, it often results in longer wait times and inconsistent service due to human error or variability in agent performance. A customer might call one day and have a fantastic experience, only to call another day and find the service lacking.

Single-channel communication

Contact centers have traditionally relied on voice calls as their primary mode of communication. However, this limits the ways customers can interact. Some customers prefer chat, email, or even social media for their interactions, and the lack of these options can be frustrating.

Future state with digital CX solutions

Recognizing the importance of customer experience, organizations are investing in their contact centers and racing to improve their technology to improve satisfaction. With digital CX solutions, contact centers can benefit from:

Enhanced accessibility and engagement

With tools like Glance’s Guided CX solutions, such as cobrowse and mobile app sharing, customers can interact with agents in real-time, at any time. This immediate assistance significantly improves customer satisfaction and accessibility. They get the help they need, when they need it.

Streamlined operations and personalized support

Integrating screen sharing and cobrowsing allows agents to directly engage with the customer’s screen, guiding them through complex processes or resolving issues efficiently. This direct interaction speeds up resolution times and enhances the personalized support experience. It’s like having a tech-savvy friend guiding you step-by-step, making the process less frustrating and more effective.

Multi-channel integration and enhanced interactivity

By incorporating tools like screenshare and mobile app share, customers can choose their preferred method of communication. This seamless interaction across various devices caters to customer preferences, enhancing the overall responsiveness and flexibility of customer service operations. Whether a customer prefers chatting on their phone or getting help on their laptop, the experience remains consistent and smooth.

The importance of human connection

Despite the advancements in digital CX solutions, the human element remains crucial. In 2018, PwC reported that 59% of consumers feel that companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. This statistic highlights the importance of maintaining a human connection, even as we adopt more digital tools.

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Engaged and satisfied agents are key to bridging this gap. Research shows that engaged agents are over three times as likely to feel empowered to solve customer issues compared to their dissatisfied counterparts. When agents are happy and engaged, they provide better service, which directly impacts customer satisfaction.

How do we keep agents engaged and satisfied? Andrew Thomas, Call Center Director at Union Bank, says it's important to empower your agents to establish genuine connections

with clients. This means:

  • Allowing them to be authentic, without overly-scripted responses
  • Equipping them with the tools they need to meet your customers where they are
  • Emphasizing that it starts with the greeting, and make it important to start the conversation off with a helpful, friendly, and authentic tone

For more tips, watch Andrew’s on-demand webinar: How to run a top-performing call center with high agent morale

It’s clear that digital solutions can greatly enhance the capabilities of traditional contact centers. However, the human connection remains the common denominator that ensures these interactions are meaningful and effective. By embracing tools like Glance’s Guided CX solutions while fostering a supportive and engaging environment for agents, companies can bridge the gap between digital and traditional support, ultimately leading to happier customers and more successful outcomes.

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