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Business leaders are using visual engagement solutions like cobrowse, screen share, and agent video to bring sales, support, marketing, and customer experience to the next level. When customers and agents can work online together, sharing a view as if they were sitting side by side, customer experience immediately soars. Business can create stronger, deeper customer relationships with the click of a button.

Customer experience – the ultimate competitive advantage

According to Gartner Research, customer experience is the new battlefield. In fact, 89% of companies have discovered that providing an outstanding customer experience is critical to beating out the competition.

Decent pricing and product availability are easy to find on most websites – but not always a great customer experience. Outstanding customer service is definitely worth investing in, on both the customer and the business sides.

One great way to provide super experiences for your customers is to invest in a next generation cobrowsing solution. With cobrowse, you can instantly and effortlessly see what your customers see and guide them through processes in real time, as though you were in the room together.

By securely sharing a browser view with customers, partners, and prospects, you can easily:

  • Demo products, upsell, onboard and help customers.
  • Make conversations relevant and effortless.
  • Promote a positive customer experience.
  • Build lifetime customer loyalty.
  • Cut through confusion.

One of the best things about today’s cobrowsing solutions is that some providers have leaped tall buildings in a single bound, bringing in new integrations and features that will make customer interactions out of this world.

Use your CRM to your best advantage

Combining the power of cobrowsing technology with your customer relationship management (CRM) solution – like Salesforce, for example – allows you to measure the impact of cobrowse on First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT), and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make conversations more impactful.

Even better, once you are working with a cobrowse solution integrated with your CRM, you have a unique opportunity to instantly understand your customers and their history of working with your company while you are sharing a visual experience with them. This leads to more relevant, meaningful, and helpful conversations.

Proactively reach out to your customers and prospects

Now imagine what could happen if your customer service team could use your CRM to see which customers are online and proactively reach out to offer them a helping hand. Or think about the incredible sales boost you’d receive if you could quickly discover which customers on your website are checking out the most high-value products – and then instantly reach out to them.

That would be a truly heroic experience!

It’s with that in mind that we at Glance Networks have released a number of enhancements to our cobrowse platform. The updates include unique Glance Cobrowse modules that enable businesses to instantly and proactively share a browser view with customers – no downloads or additional permissions required. The new capabilities continue to expand our potential to allow sales, support, and service agents to visually collaborate with their customers.

The new cobrowse modules give online interactions super strength:

  • Cobrowse Connect – Expand your CRM’s reach with proactive notification that your customers are online. Customer service agents can proactively initiate a cobrowse session without the customer doing anything, shortening time to resolution by removing the need to ask questions like, “Are you online?” and “What do you see?”.
  • Cobrowse Outreach – Be notified in real-time as to which high-value customers are online. Sales representatives can then instantly reach out to these customers to provide concierge-level assistance and close the deal.

By limiting the number of questions needed to get to the core of customer issues and questions, as well as speeding time to connect, efficiencies and satisfaction improve for both customers and agents.

Offer interactive self-service

In addition to being proactive, companies that want to provide an amazing customer experience should offer great self-service options.

As a matter of fact, cobrowse technology can be great for enhancing self-service as well. For example, Glance’s Browse-With-Me module allows you to bring self-service to a whole new level by empowering customers to browse with trusted experts, family members, and friends. Customers can share anything from financial paperwork to furniture options with their closest connections – online – to make faster and more informed decisions.

When businesses are supercharged with these unique new cobrowse capabilities, organizations can instantly improve customer experience, understand which customers need assistance, and close bigger deals for immediate improvement of the bottom line.

Customer experience – up, up, and away!

To make the most out of your customer engagement efforts, find a solution that combines cobrowse, screen-sharing, and one-way agent video capabilities so you can instantly, visually clarify interactions between agents and customers. With a positive impact on sales, support, services, and overall customer experience, companies providing this effortless experience benefit from stronger customer lifetime value and loyalty.

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