How to lead contact centers with empathy for transformational CX

Ben Devey, Director of Customer Experience at Ollie
Ben Davey
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Ben Davey

About this talk

Digital transformation is no longer negotiable in contact centers. Outdated systems can negatively affect agent culture and productivity, ultimately impacting customer experience. Companies who manage to understand and reflect the customer’s voice in their CX strategy and build a business case for investing in the latest technology will see revenue growth.

In this Q&A webinar, Ollie’s Director of CX, Ben Devey, will share his extensive experience in the contact center world, from inbound customer service all the way up to management. He will share strategies that he has deployed to embrace the latest contact center technologies and enhance the customer experience such as:

  • Developing processes to listen to the voice of the customer, with a focus on direct-to-consumer models.
  • Creating customer journey maps to identify areas of friction for the customer.
  • Leading with a culture of empathy in the contact center.

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