Why customer journey mapping matters more than ever

Sumita Mullick, Vice President of Customer Service and Operations Analytics at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Sumita Mullick
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Sumita Mullick

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Q&A with Sumita Mullick, Vice President of Customer Service and Operations Analytics at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

When enterprises talk about customer experience, they often look into optimizing operations in the call center and ignore the entire customer journey - to their own peril. The most effective companies analyze operations company-wide to drive end-to-end CX. Those who don’t invest in mapping the customer journey miss out on opportunities to not only retain customers, but to improve critical, enterprise-wide business goals.

Don’t take it from us. Take it from Vice President of Customer Service and Operations Analytics at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Sumita Mullick. With over 10 years of experience optimizing the customer journey across enterprises, Sumita knows what it takes to create a customer experience that attains and retains customers.

Register for our upcoming session with Sumita to participate in our Q&A and learn:

  • Why it’s critical for enterprises to review and improve the entire customer journey from beginning to end, and not just focus on the call center.
  • How to identify growth opportunities that are rooted in customer experience optimization, but result in impactful outcomes across your entire business.
  • Why providing a positive employee experience can have just as many positive results for customers as improving technology and processes do.
  • The cost of NOT prioritizing customer experience.


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