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Top 5 Cobrowsing Articles of 2015

Cobrowsing is a key part of today’s customer service strategy. The ability to share a view with customers is critical for solving problems, improving understanding, creating better outcomes, strengthening customer loyalty and more.


Video Collaboration: Bridging the Online Gap between Businesses and Clients

Communication – online or offline – is important in any business, especially when interacting with potential clients. It’s the foundation for gaining consumer trust and forming lasting relationships. After all, successful collaboration stems from clear and effective communication.


Customer Service: Give Thanks to Your Customers

Customers. Without them your business (and mine) would have nothing. We can give them discounts on Black Friday or send a card around the holidays. But while that’s a nice way to say “thank you,” it also has short-term impact. Better to show you’re grateful by improving customer service.


Conquering Fear: Using Cobrowsing and More for Customer Retention

Fear is an incredible motivator. When I was little, I used to go fishing with my grandfather on Lake Ontario. He taught me the old cliché that to catch a fish, you have to think like one.


Cobrowsing: Do You See What I See?

To many of us, the online world can seem overwhelming and—at times—relentless. No question, the surge of online business interactions will endure and current research backs this trend. According to Forrester research, e-retail spending will increase by 62% by 2016.


3 Reasons Visual Marketing Builds Strong Customer Relationships

When you drive your sales and marketing efforts through visual means, you will strengthen customer relationships, both old and new.


30 Gripping Facts Uncovered at Dreamforce 2015

Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2015 was a mind-blowing event. From the high quality speakers to the spectacular performers to the new product revelations and beyond, it was amazing.


Visual Customer Service Sets You Apart From the Competition

Visual customer service. If you haven’t considered, maybe it’s time you changed that.


All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Customer Service

A company’s brand is a promise. Behind that promise are the people who are working to deliver on it every day through personal relationships with customers.