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Retail is Building Great Customer Relationships Through Visual Engagement Software

The heart of improving retail sales and your bottom line is providing amazing customer service. That’s what makes using visual engagement software absolutely critical.


6 Ways Cobrowsing Transforms Customer Service

Cobrowsing is an exciting technology that empowers customer service organizations provide crucial customer support in real time. Agents who cobrowse are able to overcome many of the difficulties service call center support staff experience usually when trying to help clients.


What Customer Service Can Learn from Millennials and Pop Culture

In today’s uber-connected society, with an incredibly fragmented attention span, engaging all of the senses is critical to seize sales for brands. Customer service is usually at the crux of closing the online sale, yet is often delivered to customers in a stale, one-dimensional way – either on the phone, or through an online chat. Neither method is very engaging and can often lead to more misunderstandings and frustration on both ends.


Filling the Customer Service Void with Video

You may be wondering why video is becoming such a popular customer service option.


Healthcare Insurance Predictions for Online Organizations

The healthcare insurance industry is changing at a rapid pace. Each year brings with it a variety of new challenges, especially as providers respond to the increasing demands of regulations and the Affordable Care Act.


Next Gen Cobrowse for Effortless Tier 1 Tech Support

There are some things tech support never wants to hear: “I need assistance, but now I’m struggling to download your support solution just to receive the help you’re offering!”


Glance Networks Receives 2016 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award

We at Glance Networks are proud to announce that our Glance visual engagement solution has been honored for its exceptional innovation. As such, TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Glance Panorama a 2016 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award winner.


Handling Healthcare Insurance Online: Challenges and Solutions

By providing online access, healthcare insurance companies can reach more people and be more convenient for customers.


Why Invest in Improving Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the key to winning customers’ hearts. The quality of the product, the fun website, the friendly customer service – all of these pieces come together to create an experience that will grow loyalty and bring back repeat buyers.