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What Do You Do When Cobrowse Isn’t Good Enough?

That may seem like a strange question coming from a tech guy at one of the leading cobrowse companies. Don’t get me wrong, cobrowse is awesome! If you have a website, a SaaS app, or a hybrid mobile app, you should definitely consider using cobrowse to instantly help customers who are lost and/or confused. Cobrowse enables your agent to solve many customer problems, and it is so fast, effortless, and intuitive that it seems like magic.


Our Financial Services Webinar Asks: Can Financial Online Collaboration Be Just As Good As An In-Person Meeting?

On December 7, 2017 at 2:00 ET, we will show how financial online collaboration can be just as good as an in-person meeting in our Balancing the Online Financial Experience webinar.


3 Amazing Visual Engagement Stories You Need to Read Today

Today’s businesses are faced with a challenge: how to stand out in the crowd. Customer service has become central in the quest to gain a competitive edge. Self-service is great to a certain extent, but those who really want to win are investing in a more personalized experience to close business faster and improve the customer experience. That’s where visual engagement solutions come into play.


Glance Cobrowse Gets Enrollment Rolling Smoothly at Trident University

Enrolling in college is one of life’s turning points. Making that initial step painless and smooth is one of the most important things an online educator can do. But if applicants need guidance at any point during the process, can they get interactive help from an advisor who can set them up for success from day one? That’s the question Trident University has asked itself. With innovative cobrowsing technology from Glance Networks, the answer is yes.