Glance Cobrowse Gets Enrollment Rolling Smoothly at Trident University

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Enrolling in college is one of life’s turning points. Making that initial step painless and smooth is one of the most important things an online educator can do. But if applicants need guidance at any point during the process, can they get interactive help from an advisor who can set them up for success from day one? That’s the question Trident University has asked itself. With innovative cobrowsing technology from Glance Networks, the answer is yes.

The technology is flawless,” said Kevin Yu, Senior Director of IT at Trident University. “We wanted a collaborative solution that is fully accessible to our student population. Glance Cobrowse offers unique, ease-of-use to a broad spectrum of computer users. The simplicity of this tool allows for successful student-staff interactions for computer users of all skills levels.”

In fact, implementing Glance Cobrowse has raised application completion rates and increased applicant satisfaction positively.

Glance Cobrowse Gets Enrollment Rolling Smoothly at Trident University - Glance Networks

Trident University thrives on innovation

Trident University International is a leader in affordable, globally-available online education, offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs to a wide range of students. Established in 1998, the California-based online institution built a reputation as an institution that prepares graduates for success through case-based learning and the development of critical thinking skills.

In 2016, Forbes named Trident University International one of their “10 Great Colleges for Adults Returning to School,” putting it in company with institutions such as Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Next-generation improvement

As a fully online educational institution, Trident University begins the digital student journey begins with an online enrollment process. It is essential for that process to be both smooth and successful. Trident University also has a busy IT organization that supports more than a dozen enterprise and cloud-based computer systems, from student portals to learning management, human resources, accounting, and more. So the journey has to be frictionless for all.

The university has long supported many common tools for communicating with students ranging from Skype to instant messaging, live chat, email, and other applications. However, a new goal has emerged: achieve a next-generation online collaboration between the admissions staff and new applicants. The goal of giving applicants the best possible online experience triggered an extensive technology search. The result was that the Trident team adopted an innovative interactive digital experience solution from Glance Networks.

Glance Cobrowse technology transforms the way student applicants interact with university admissions advisors, expediting support to a level that is unprecedented in online education. Cobrowsing offers a secure, seamless mechanism for applicants to initiate help sessions with advisors.

When applicants have questions, just a click puts them in contact with a Trident advisor. The advisor can see and access only the browser window that contains the student’s Trident University session. There are no software, plugins, or extensions required. Advisors can depend on Glance Cobrowse to work in every engagement, even with military applicants stationed overseas who are browsing from heavily-secured computers.

No more “20 questions”

The enrollment advisor is instantly placed into the applicant’s context, avoiding the all-too-common game of “20 questions.” Students can control the cursor or give the advisor control in order to highlight items on screen, such as fields, buttons, instructions, and links. The advisor can easily and smoothly guide the applicant through enrollment steps. For instance, they can direct attention to fields in the user interface that need to be filled in, perhaps even entering some information into the fields for the applicant.

For students, the experience is seamless and natural. They gain a new level of confidence in their ability to move smoothly through the enrollment process.

Competitive advantage

The student support team at Trident University is very satisfied with the enhanced level of interaction Glance Cobrowse provides for its applicants and admissions advisors. Trident’s IT group found:

  • Software implementation was straightforward
  • Coding customization was minimal
  • The rollout to the applicant pool was easy
  • Feedback from students has been very positive

Glance Cobrowse has enabled Trident University to grow application completion rates and raise applicant satisfaction positively.

Its performance has exceeded our expectations,” said Kevin Yu. “It’s the best we could ask for in a browser solution.”

Trident believes Glance’s uncomplicated one-platform cobrowse technology provides a significant competitive advantage in the active arena of online higher education providers. Engaging applicants smoothly throughout the enrollment process is vital to establishing enthusiasm for the entire online educational journey ahead. There is even an opportunity to extend the power of cobrowsing to improve and streamline other university-student collaborative interactions.

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