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What Do You Do When Cobrowse Isn’t Good Enough?

That may seem like a strange question coming from a tech guy at one of the leading cobrowse companies. Don’t get me wrong, cobrowse is awesome! If you have a website, a SaaS app, or a hybrid mobile app, you should definitely consider using cobrowse to instantly help customers who are lost and/or confused. Cobrowse enables your agent to solve many customer problems, and it is so fast, effortless, and intuitive that it seems like magic.


Glance Colocation Expansion Delivers Ever-improving Performance

Glance delivers its visual engagement solutions on an architecture built for scalability, high availability, security, and fast performance. But we never stop working to improve. Earlier this year we added new colocation facilities to deliver speedy performance and reliability for your users wherever on the globe they reside.


Need Something to Do at Dreamforce 2017? #DF17

Of course you don’t—there are an overwhelming number of worthwhile Dreamforce activities to add to your “to do” list for the conference. But, amongst all the great sessions, keynotes, and breakouts at Dreamforce 2017, we’ve identified a few that may be of special value to you.

Digital Transformation

This is Why You and I Need to Visually Engage at Dreamforce 2017 – #DF17

Save your place to visually engage with Glance at Dreamforce 2017 on November 6-9, 2017, in San Francisco, at Booth #1201 and #339.


3 Ways Financial Organizations Use Cobrowse With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Glance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives customer service agents and account execs new powers to collaboratively visually engage with clients. Agents and customers connect simply by clicking on the Glance icon appearing on any Microsoft Dynamics contact, account, or other record. Glance is the only enterprise-grade visual engagement platform that instantly and connects agents using Dynamics, giving customers in an interactive view of online content anywhere, anytime, across any device.


10 Must-Have Cobrowse Security and Privacy Features for the Financial Industry

Events like Finovate (NYC, September 11-14) bring attention to how important visual engagement tools – like cobrowse, screen share, and one-way video – have become to boosting customer satisfaction across financial institutions. That makes choosing the right cobrowse solution critically important. Cobrowse security and privacy features must be strong for the financial industry to invest in the solution.


The Ultimate Weapon in the Battle for Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the twin gateways to long-term revenue streams, follow-on business, and growth. As a result, they are key goals for every service organization. In a world where over forty percent of customers leave a business because of poor service and seventy-one percent don’t think companies take any action to keep their business it’s paramount to stay on best terms with your constituents.


When Do You Need to Use Humans Instead of Bots for Customer Service?

There’s a lot of talk these days about the power of the bot to transform the way we think about customer service. Bots augment customer service, providing more in-depth “self service” options for online customers.


8 New Cobrowse Features You Won’t Want to Miss

Visual engagement uses technologies such as cobrowse features, one-way agent video, and screen share to take the next step in online customer interactions. Adding visual tools to your voice or chat conversation brings personalization and understanding to the conversation.