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Glance Cobrowse Gets Enrollment Rolling Smoothly at Trident University

Enrolling in college is one of life’s turning points. Making that initial step painless and smooth is one of the most important things an online educator can do. But if applicants need guidance at any point during the process, can they get interactive help from an advisor who can set them up for success from day one? That’s the question Trident University has asked itself. With innovative cobrowsing technology from Glance Networks, the answer is yes.


3 Things You Must Do To Get Video Calls Right

One-way video calls add depth and personalization to customer service, sales, and support conversations. In fact, most people who use video calling for business like it so much they use it weekly or even daily.


Why is Cobrowse a High Priority for Healthcare Organizations?

Innovative healthcare organizations use visual engagement solutions like cobrowse to transform patients’ online experience.


5 Helpful Cobrowse Articles to Boost Customer Loyalty

Looking for some great cobrowse articles to get you started on your journey? Search no more! It’s all here for the taking.


2016 Reflection – A Year of Growth and Appreciation for Glance Networks

With the holiday season upon us, I felt it was fitting to reflect on the past year at Glance Networks. As we sat at our annual company holiday party, I looked around the table at all the great people who have contributed to our success, and a revelation came to me. Groups of two and three people engaging in conversation, sharing pictures on their phones, learning about each other…having experiences that create warm and lasting relationships. A perfect encapsulation of the engagement and relationship building that our team has strived to support throughout 2016.


Supercharge Customer Experience With Cobrowse

Business leaders are using visual engagement solutions like cobrowse, screen share, and agent video to bring sales, support, marketing, and customer experience to the next level. When customers and agents can work online together, sharing a view as if they were sitting side by side, customer experience immediately soars. Business can create stronger, deeper customer relationships with the click of a button.


Glance & CohnReznick Announce New Alliance to Accelerate Cobrowse ROI

We at Glance Networks are always looking for ways to empower our customers to accelerate cobrowse ROI. Our technologies bring personalized experiences to customer service, sales, and support through simple, collaborative next generation cobrowse solutions. As such, enabling our customers to make their customers happy is a top priority.


4 Key Ways Visual Engagement Software Improves Business

Co-browsing and screen sharing are types of visual engagement software. they allow a customer service agent to share an online view with customers. Agents can walk customers through your website, a demo, or even though a process such as ordering or filling out a form. Agents can also highlight important links or information or even take control of the customer’s screen. And customers’ private information can be masked so they can work with confidence.


Don’t Infuriate Customers With Bad Remote Tech Support

Ah, the joys of working with remote tech support.