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Creating authentic human connections in a digital world

Glance CEO Tom Martin recently had a conversation with Yanique Grant on episode 201 of the podcast “Navigating the Customer Experience.” Tom and Yanique dove deep into the world of technology, customer experience, and empathy and shared valuable insights on how technology can help foster empathy, enhance customer experiences, and streamline business processes. Listen to the episode below, or keep reading for highlights from the discussion. Creating Authentic Customer Connections in a Digital World: The Power of Integrating Empathy and Technology with Tom Martin

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Personalizing the digital banking experience with Guided CX

In today's digital world, customers crave banking experiences that feel tailor-made, just for them and their financial journey. But here's the thing: personalizing banking isn't quite like personalizing your online shopping cart. They’re not just buying a pair of shoes, they’re often making a life-changing decision — think mortgages or small business loans. These aren’t “just transactions.” They’re opportunities to establish and build solid customer relationships. And that level of trust and support can’t come from a chatbot. Are you ready for the secret ingredient to personalized digital banking experiences? Here’s a hint: You already have it. Humans. The skilled advisors on your team. They’re the key to creating highly personalized interactions within the digital banking space. Think about it. When faced with a major decision or confusing processes, even the best website isn’t going to give you peace of mind. You need the face of a trusted advisor. And it’s in these moments that Guided CX can step in to help create deeper connections with customers.

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The human factor: Redefining customer experience in a digital world

In today's digital-first world, businesses are increasingly focused on providing exceptional Customer Experience (CX) to gain a competitive edge. With countless tools and channels at their disposal, companies strive to create seamless interactions that cater to their tech-savvy customers. While the digital-first approach has brought numerous benefits, it's crucial not to overlook the significance of human interaction in delivering an outstanding customer experience (CX). Renowned customer service and CX expert Shep Hyken recently interviewed Glance CEO Tom Martin on Amazing Business Radio to explore the role human interaction plays in today’s landscape. Listen to the full podcast episode here, or keep reading for a synopsis of the insightful conversation.

Digital Transformation

Digital Banking: The Surging Importance of CX

Digital banking has been around for decades, but it has never been hotter, and it has never been more critical to the success of financial services companies.

Digital Transformation

Adding the human touch to FinServ digital transformation

Glance was proud to sponsor Finovate Fall 2019 last week at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square New York. We talked to many financial executives after our demo and at our booth who are tackling the challenge of digital transformation. Here are a couple of themes that came up again and again:

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This is Why You and I Need to Visually Engage at Dreamforce 2017 – #DF17

Save your place to visually engage with Glance at Dreamforce 2017 on November 6-9, 2017, in San Francisco, at Booth #1201 and #339.

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Ti-i-i-ime Is On My Side…But Not If Cutting Customer Engagement Costs Is The Goal

Time: Noun. 1. A measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. 2. The enemy of cutting customer engagement costs. When it comes to the value produced by implementing Glance’s visual engagement solutions, our customers’ experience indicates bottom-line results that show reduced customer engagement costs. Results like these typical:

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Glance Networks Poised for Growth in Fourth Quarter of 2017

Glance Networks, a leading provider of intelligent visual engagement solutions, has positioned itself for sustainable growth through a combination of new customer wins, technology upgrades, and endorsements from high-value entities.

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Taking Financial Institutions’ Customer Service Calls from Conflict to Collaboration

Financial institutions’ customer service calls can be challenging. People are sensitive about what happens to their money – and with good reason. That’s why financial institutions require an easy way to defuse anger and stress, right from the get-go.