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How Intuit Made Outstanding Customer Experience More Visible

With Glance Networks’ visual engagement solutions, including cobrowse and live agent video, Intuit is making tax preparation and filing smoother for millions of TurboTax’s users.


5 Best Practices for SaaS Startups to Sustain Success

Today’s SaaS startups face so many challenges. It takes more than hard work to get a business going. Luck plays a role. Restless days. Sleepless nights. Stressful meetings. Nervous pitches.


Glance Wins Salesforce Partner Innovation Award #DF16

We’re thrilled to announced that Glance Cobrowse won the Salesforce Partner Innovation Service Cloud Award for 2016. Even better, Glance was the only Independent Software Vendor Partner honored this year! What a great testament to the power of helping others improve customer experience.


5 Easy Tips to Make SaaS Online Sales Meetings Stand Out

Who isn’t familiar with the deadly sales meeting where someone drones on, flipping through the 100-slide PowerPoint deck? This situation is even worse when you’re working online, presenting from a distance.


Using Context in SaaS for Better Customer Service

This guest post was written by Rina Henderson, a seasoned UX Designer and Developer at CodeScience.


4 Easy Ways Visual Engagement Improves Customer Communication

Visual engagement is a critical set of tools, especially for online businesses that sell complex offerings.


Women in Technology: The Mothers of Online Communication

I recently read a great article by Peter Diamandis about why we need more women in technology. Here are some of the facts he quoted:


The Shocking ROI of Improving SaaS Customer Service

Vastly shorter call handling time. Hugely improved performance around first call resolution. Radically fewer support calls. All from improvement in SaaS customer service.


Top 10 Visual Engagement Use Cases You Need to Know

Visual engagement—the integrated experience of cobrowse, screen share, and agent video—is revolutionizing the online customer experience.